Diet Tips New Mom Alia Bhatt Keeps In Mind To Stay Healthy

Alia bhatt and Ranbir kapoor became parents to a baby daughter on November 6, 2022.

Superfast Welcomes her little girl

Alia is a vegan which means she does not consume any meat or animal products like cheese made of cow's milk.

Alia's Diet

As per reposts, the new mom's baby shower in October had an all-vegan food menu.

Vegan baby shower

Whether during her pregnancy or before it, Alia ensures her body gets enough nutrients everyday.

Nutrition is a priority

No matter how busy she is, Alia ensures she never skips a meal and plans her meals in advance.

Not skipping meals

Alia ensure to drink detox drink everyday to flush out all toxins from her body.

Detox drinks

Alia eats multiple meal throghout the day, ranging from 4 to even 9, with a controlled portion size.

Portion control

Her beetroot salad recipe went viral. Mix grated beetroot with curd, salt, pepper. Add a tadka of black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing and curry leaves.

Viral beetroot salad

During her pregnancy, one thing Alia most definitely craved was pizza and wanted to eat the best pizza in mumbai.

Pregnancy cravings