Hottest B-Town 


Who does not want to be fit like john abraham? Be it his chiselled body or his packs, everything makes him one of the hottest star in bollywood

John Abraham

True to his name, this guy roar like a tiger on screen! Whether it's Baaghi or War, his top notch action sequence are responsible for him having some of the biggest blockbuster in his career

Tiger Shroff

Looking at Hritik is a simply a treat. Fitness is never simple, and for Hritik, maintaining that sculpted body and god-like figure requires hours of training and a strict diet

Hritik Roshan

Age is clearly just a number for this thespian. in fact, he looks younger with every flick, giving the youngsters a solid run for their money! The fact that he does his own stunts in his films proves his fitness

Akshay Kumar 

His acting and toned figure have always garnered attention. His shredded physique, massive biceps, and defined abs are the product of a rignorous lifestyle

Shahid Kapoor