iphone Tips and Tricks you can use today

iphone is one of the most popular smartphones series  all over the world. Since it was launched years ago by Apple, iPhone has been one of the biggest hits of the company. The iPhone runs on the iOS operating system that is completely different from android devices.

This hidden feature of iPhone is dug deep inside the iOS settings. This feature comes really handy because you can easily zoom and move around a webpage with your fingers. This feature is disabled by default iOS settings and needs to be activated manually.

Three Finger Zoom

The calculator app is one of the most used and important works in the iPhone system. So if you are an avid user of the calculator as well, this trick will surely help you a lot. If you make a mistake when using the calculator you can easily delete the number mistyped. You do not need to reset the entire sum.

The Calculator Trick

If you want to repeat the last number you have dialed, use a shortcut. Open the dialer app, hit the green Call button present there. It will show you the last number that you have dialed. Just tap on the number and it will redial that number. This feature is very much helpful when you are outside and traveling somewhere.

Call Right Back

No doubt an iPhone comes with a great camera. So, we will not be surprised if you keep clicking pictures with it. However, the app development company included an amazing feature of the camera app. You can click a picture and record a video at the same time. Start your video and tap the white button that appears beside the red stop button.

Click a Picture While Shooting a Video

You can detect who is calling by just listening to the ringtone. How? Well, your iPhone allows you to set a unique ringtone to every contact present in your phone. So, you can set a different ringtone for your boss and completely another one for your friend. Just tap on contacts and tap the contact person you prefer.

Different Ringtones for Different Contacts

If you do not want to miss any notification, then you can easily use your camera flash for alerts. The developers have integrated this quirky feature during the iPhone app development. Go to the Settings and then tap on General. Search for Accessibility and tap on “LED flash for alerts”.

Blink Camera Flash for Notification

There are many websites which are not mobile compatible. But, you can still view and access them on your mobile. How? This is absolutely possible by requesting for a desktop version of the site from the browser. Just tap on the reload button of the browser and in a few seconds, you will be granted a desktop version of the site.

Use the Desktop Version of any Mobile Site

If you want your mobile phone to be absolutely safe and prevent intrusion, this feature will be helpful. You can set the Alphanumeric Passcode to keep your phone protected. Visit the Settings > General > Passcode Lock, where you have to disable the simple password. Now, you will be prompted by the app to provide an Alphanumeric Passcode.

Set an Alphanumeric Passcode

iPhone app development brings out new features with every application present on the phone. If you are typing a message on the iMessage app, then you can shake to delete the text. Many people will not be glad to use this feature but nonetheless, it is fun to use. You get the option to delete the text when you shake for the first time.

Shake to Delete Text