'Kantara' Filmmaker Actor Rishab Shetty's lifestyle choices are on point

Kannada film 'Kantara' is attracting great praise from audiences as well as rocking their box office collection.

Rishabh showered with praised for latest film 'Kantara'

Along with the brilliant storytelling, audience are also appreciating the star for his role as Guliga Daiva.

Rishab's incredible performance 

In an interview with Radio City, Rishab spilled the beans on his lifestyle and everything he eats in a day.

Rishab's daily diet

After brushing his teeth, Rishab drinks a cup of hot water to refresh his body.

First thing in the morning

His morning meal usually consists of homemade idli or dosa. He maked sure to eat in small quantities.


Instead of having lunch, he eats in small quantities 5 times a day. Most of his diet includes fresh vegetables.


He makes sure he has dinner no later than 8:30 pm, unless he is busy shooting.

Dinner time

He has no interest in eating burgers, pizza and chips. Instead, he believes in eating traditional food which our parents and grandparents eat.

No Junk Food

He enjoys doing yoga and Surya Namaskara which especially helps with his mental health. He ensure to remain active throughout the day.

Favourite Workout