Real-Life Destinations that inspired pandora-World in


Glowworm Caves, New zealand

Glowworm Caves are believed to have inspired an important scene from the movie. jake and Neytiri see thousands of woodsprite!

Socotra island, Yemen

Socotra island in Yemen is noted for its Dragon's Blood trees. It is one of the trees that is believed to have inspired pandora Universe.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Set in the Hunan province, Zhangjiajie park is one of the prime inspiration behind the Pandora universe's floating mountains. The Mammoth Pillar-like rocks in the park look astounding!

Wisteria Trees At The Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

One particular scene that we all remember from the Avatar is the magical Tree of Souls. You can find the real-life Wisteria tree in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are the dream of every aurora chaser! The other worldly phenomenon is said to have inspired the skies of Pandora.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Remember watching floating clouds in the movie? Well Mount Roraima in Venezuela is the inspiration behind the place. The mountain has also featured in other famous movies.

Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica

Another stunning scene from the movie is the illuminating waters in Pnadora. The mocroscopic organisms present in the waters of the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica is the inspiration behind this scene.

Huangshan Mountains, China

Another stunning destination in China that inspired the world of Pandora is Huangshan Mountains. These were the floating mountains shown in the movie!

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, the world's tallest waterfalls, are located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is where Jake ans Neytiri try to catch the bird dragons in the movie.