Step by step flawless wedding Makeup

Prepping your skin is just like getting a canvas ready for that piecw of art. It means applying product according to your skin type. You may use a hyaluronic acid serum, a gel moisturiser or a lightweight facial oil to nourish your skin first.

Prep your skin

To create that poreless finish, apply a primer on your cleansed and moisturised skin. you may choose a hydrating and poreless mattifying primer. this will make your makeup last throughout the event.

Put on a Primer

Blame it on our diet or poor sleep patterns, under eyes tend to have a bit of dark shadow on them naturally. To achieve that fresh look, we need to use an orange colour corrector on the under eyes and green on any redness you see on the skin. Don't forget to blend it properly.

Colour correct the imperfections

When it comes to foundation, less is mor. so, dot small amounts of it all over your face and don't forget the neck! you can mix your foundation with 2 drops of facial oil to get a flawless finish without drying it. Use your fingers to spread the product evently and blend it using a wet makeup sponge or kabuki brush.

Use along-wearing foundation

apply concealer on under eyes and pipmles, imperfections and dark spots. Blend it using a concealer brush or pointy edge of the damp sponge. You could also use your ring finger can help blend it well. Don,t tug or drag the product. Just dab it!

Put on a concealer

To achieve that perfect air-brushed base, bake your under eyes with a banana setting powder using sponge. Dip your fluffy powder brush in powder and dust the entire face lightly to lock in foundation and mattify the skin. Dust of access using light strokes.

Set the base with banana powder

In order to get that depth and shadows on your face back, you need to bronze under your cheekbones, jawline and double chin. For a more chiselled look, blend the bronzer or countour for longer without dragging it too near to the lips.

Define you face with contour

A flush of vibrant colour on cheeks looks undeniably fresh. To add some of taht healthy and fresh appearance, dust the brush only on top of you cheek bones for a lifted look. You can also dust a little on your chin and nose to bind it all together.

Add blush to get rosy cheeks

Choos a dusty brown transition shade and apply it on the entire lid. Now, apply a derker shade in the crease of your eyelids and blend it by extending it outwards. Apply a shimmer in the center for that instant eye-opening effect. Draw a liner if you want. Brush and fill your brows and apply 2 coats of mascara.

Dramatise those eyes

Always choose matte lipstick for a wedding as it includes dining and drinks. A matte lipstick stay put for a longer time as opposed to satin finish lipsticks. Use a dot gloss on the inner center of lips for a plump lip effect.

Play up your lips with a matte lipstick

As the final step, apply a setting spray to lock your entire makeup and bring the glossy sheen to it again. A setting spray extends the longevity of your makeup and makeup and makes it transfer-proof.

Lock everything in place with setting spray