Workout Like Bollywood's 'Greek God' Hritik Roshan

The'Vikram Vedha' star, 48, can make anyone's jaw drop with his sculpted physique.

Aging like fine wine

For Hritik, fitness is no joke. He works hard and follows a disciplined diet to maintain his fit body.

Finess secrets

The actor continues to challenge his body with all kinds of cardio workouts which also help to up his stamina levels.


Streigth training and lifting weights remaina a core part of his workout regimen, without which you cannot bulk up.

Weight lifting

For Hritik, fitness is a never-ending journey and he always tries to push his reps and do more than yesterday.

Consistency and mapping progress

Despite several injuries, Hritik does not give up. He modifieshis workout that help him recover faster and stay in shape.

Dealing with injuries

The actor has no 'Smart Work' secret when it comes to working out. He believes in trainig hard with zero excuses

No shortcuts

Intense training does not mean not thrashing your body. Hritik incorporates proper stretches before and after every workout.


With intense training, Hritik also focuses on his rest days and would take off for 2-3 days a week, before jumping back to his rigorous schedule.

Rest days