5 Future trends in Education

Education Trends
Education Trends

There is no doubt that the future trends in Education shall shape up not only by how many degrees one’s portfolio boasts of but also what extra he can deliver.  If the behemoth competition wasn’t enough, the ongoing waves of the pandemic has been equally rattling. Back in the 1900’s, literacy was a benchmark measure of the ability to Read, Write and solve Arithmetic problems. However this definition is obsolete and now being literate encompasses a wider scope in today’s digital age. Any prospective candidate seeking a career should have a diverse resume with educational qualifications accompanied by an array of skills such as information and media literacy (critical, problem-based thinking, teamwork, and technological savvy).

In order to thrive in a globalised economy dominated by digital ambience, it is but evident that one needs to hone his digital skills. The current article highlights some of the Future Trends in Education that are there to leverage any career undertaken. It becomes all the more critical at the school level to teach these skills along with the regular curriculum. This is why it is crucial for a school and the educational system, to teach these skills along with imparting high-quality knowledge as well as a proper value system. There is no dearth when it comes to discussing the number of future trends that are likely to influence education. However here are these 5 popular swings reflected in the curriculum –

Education Future Trends - technology
Education Future Trends – technology

1. Technological Upgradation

The 21st century is the digital age. There is no denying the fact that both Technology and Manpower have been at loggerheads now. From Telemedicine to Tesla’s futuristic Car, the list is endless. Although Technology is disdained by those who consider it as their substitute. It is in fact designed for them to support human labour. Considering the technology to be a huge influencing factor, the leading technology trends in 2022 is one of those. Automation supported by an intelligent human interface is surely there to elevate the business exponentially. Considering the pandemic has restricted the classes to the vicinity of our respective homes, it becomes but obvious that management incorporates cloud based technology programmes for campus as well online educational endeavours.

2. Incorporation of Soft Skills

One of the other Future trends in Education of 2022 is elevating one’s soft skills acumen.Rational thinking along with strong Business Aptitude and Problem solving are a part of every institution’s teaching philosophy. The syllabus has taken a complete 360 degree to Application based as against theory influenced. The system now encourages the students to challenge the status quo towards the path of an all-around holistic development. Skills such as efficient decision making, team-building and communication skills. The system of teaching from the books has been losing its sheen for a long. The current teaching system includes imparting education through Audio Visual Streaming and Project based learning. 

3.Compulsory Sports-Sure shot remedy for Increasing Attention spans

Most of the schools have incorporated a sport as a part of their regular curriculum. Unlike the old times, when sports playing was just for recreation or an alternative to the ones not excelling in studies. The hectic and fast-paced lifestyle poses numerous challenges, leading to myriad stressful situations is one of the most welcoming trends in the education industry. Nevertheless exercising or any physical activity like sports is a great stress-buster. It isn’t not just good for body, but is useful to stimulate the brain to ignore distraction. The students who engaged in physical activities were possessing better attention spans than those who never did.

4 Detailed Study 

Having a broader view of a topic is an integral element of the current education system. Rather than having a bird’s eye view which only provides a superficial understanding, detailing helps the student to understand the topic as well as its applications. Another of the Future trends in Education sector that is going to gain popularity is detailing. There is a wide array of subjects that will help in both school and the University curriculums.

5. Personalised and inclusive learning spaces

With personalised attention gaining grounds, the future trends in education point to incorporation of modules as per the student’s learning potential. Personalised education is no longer a part of the special education system. It is slowly being incorporated as a part of the curriculum in regular schools. This has greatly impacted the employability of people with learning challenges. The action goes a great deal in eliminating the prejudiced treatment rendered to the specially abled. There are countless Edison, Ravindra Jain in making. The only thing is we need to create opportunities.

Technology – The real Driver of the Future trends in Education

There is no doubt that Technology shall be one of the pathbreaking Future trends in the Education sector. The closure of the institutions for an indefinite period has resulted in urgent need of alternatives, the prime one being the creation of digital classrooms in any sector in the year 2022. More and more teachers are drifting towards teaching on digital platforms. Besides professionals can sharpen their skills as per the current Industry norms through various portals. All this can be easily done from the proximity of their respective homes.