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5 Bollywood Actors Fought Alcohol Addiction


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5 Bollywood Celebrities Alcohol Addiction Story, how these actors fought alcohol addiction and how they overcame it.

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With fame and fortune comes the urge to feel great. And what better way to be on the top of the world than the magical ‘Som Ras'( Hindi word for liquor)? Be it a heartbreaks or fame, alcohol provides the much-needed respite and hype. In the flow of alcohol consumption one doesn’t realize when it changes from just a few casual drinks to a constant urge to drink. Although celebrities consider alcohol an escape from constant media glare and expectations, there are many who become habitual drinkers. From Dharmendra to Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor to Kapil Sharma, all of these actors fought Alcohol addition have battled alcohol addiction. Also these celebrities raised eyebrows when they picked up fights while being drunk. There are many such embarrassing instances, which even they would like to forget. However what is creditable the way they bounced back. They are no longer addicted and are leading a great life. i

These actors fought Alcohol Addiction


Legendary actor Dharmendra appeared on one of the episodes of ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ in 2018. When the show host accused him of his binge drinking habit, he replied in a poetic way,” Sharaab Na Hoti, Ishq na hota, Aisa Jeena Bhi Koi Jeena Hota ” (What would the life be without Liquor and Love).

Dharmendra candid talks in Aap Ki Adalat

Also he admitted that he had been drinking since so many years. He soon realized this compulsive need and got rid of it by changing his mind toward writing.


Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has always spoken about his drug addiction and we saw a glimpse of the same in his biopic film Sanju. The actor credited his father and said that he helped him get rid of the addiction. Asking his father help to get him out of addiction who took him to US. For two years the actor was in a drug rehabilitation.

Sanjay Dutt Talks about impact of drugs on life

He remembered the time when he used to have an urge, but promised himself that he neither touches drugs nor encourage their use. In the video below, he advertises about ‘Drugs Free India’.


Manisha Koirala

Actress Manisha Koirala spoke about her alcohol addiction in her book titled, Healed: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life. She said, that it seeped into her life and she did not realize it would put her life upside down.

Although at first one might start alcohol by thinking it’s helping, however the perception doesn’t help. She added that her friends, family ,and father drink sometimes, so there’s no taboo as such. But one need to know his limits when to stop .


Ranbir Kapoor

Not many people know that Bollywood’s heart throb fought a battle against alcohol addiction. Ranbir Kapoor did the role of Sanjay Dutt in the biopic Sanju.

Ranbir Kapoor opens up

In the movie he opened up of his fight with alcohol addition. He admitted to being into drugs during College days and got into bad influence. He realized that he would not be able to do anything in his life if he continues with his drug addiction.


Kapil Sharma

Comedian Kapil Sharma is among the most decorated TV hosts and comedians of the country. Hailed as the King of Comedy, he is the host of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Today, we have his story about how he struggled with his addictions. Speaking to the media, he revealed that he was badly addicted to alcohol. On one fine day he was completely consumed by the bottle when he saw his mother break down. He therefore decided to deal with his alcoholism problem. In a talk with India Today 5 years back, Kapil opened up regarding his fight with Sunil Grover.

These Bollywood actors fought alcohol addiction to get rid of it. Well, where there is a will, there is a way. The best remedy to stay out of alcohol is stay busy and occupied. Also it is good to participate in activities or exercise that rejuvenates mind and body. Bollywood that it was a year back when he finally got rid of this alcohol addiction.

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