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Dimple Kapadia Extra-Marital Affair Saga Continues Till Date


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Learn who the Bobby actress found love in , and what happened after

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Bollywood is a mystery world and news of extra-marital affairs are very common. From Amitabh Bachchan Rekha to Salman Aishwarya, Shatrugan Sinha Reena Roy to Govinda Rani Mukherjee, the tabloids are full of their stories. These one link-ups and extra-marital affairs have also been are nothing new and become a part of the Bollywood’s industry. Many of the actors accused of cheating on their spouses ending in getting separated, while there were others where the bonds remained as strong as ever even after marriage. Bobby fame actress Dimple Kapadia became an overnight sensation due to her Bikini scene in the Raj Kapoor’s movie. So while she set ablaze the screen with her sexy looks, Sunny Deol the elder son of He-Man too got smitten. Rumours have it that Dimple Kapadia Extra-Marital affair with Sunny Deol was going on after her marriage to Rajesh Khanna.

Dimple Kapadia
Dimple Kapadia

Dimple extra-marital affair with Sunny Deol continued while both were married

Yesterday’s superstars Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia obce ruled the silver screen. While Dimple is hardly seen, Sunny Deol charm seemed to have faded away. An actor who once had a long list of movies is no where to be seen. Not many people know that Sunny Deol did not only made the news for his acting skills but for his affair with Rajesh Khanna’s estranged wife Dimple Kapadia. Dimple Kapadia’s extra-marital affair with Sunny Deol keeps surfacing up every now and then. Soon, the news of Sunny’s marriage with a London-based girl named Pooja broke out. Sunny had married a girl named Pooja, even before he entered the Bollywood. Dimple Kapadia extra-marital affair with Sunny continued while she was married to Rajesh Khanna at that point.

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