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Happy Birthday Sonu Sood: Actor’s Journey from a humble background to real-life hero


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As Sonu Sood turns 49, lets celebrate the actor who turned a savior during pandemic times. Besides his journey in Bollywood, his pleasing personality and actions say a lot more.

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Birthday boy turns 49 and one can go on for hours singing praises. From a humble start from the city of Moga, to one of compassionate human beings, its been quite a ride. From a skinny lad back seen in the late 90’s to a ripped one, the transformation and dedication is admirable. But the real icing on the cake is his admirable services during the corona times. He reached out to people in need which was commendable. He is called ‘The Messiah of the Masses’ and rightfully so. What he did for the people, no one from either the film industry or even the government did. Sonu Sood’s heroic efforts during lockdown were commendable.

Here are some of Sonu Sood’s Heroic Efforts during the Pandemic

Lockdown was indeed a troubled time and many lives were lost. As the pandemic spread, there were shortage of medical supplies and beds. Many people desperately looked for place to get treatment and couldn’t get any. On the other hand, there were others who became jobless. Sonu took charge with the distribution of food. Considering the need to outreach, he formed an NGO and the help started coming. Workers were laid off and when they started walking back home as no conveyance was available. Sonu Sood’s Heroic efforts came in action in Mumbai, he started with distributing cooked food . He realized much more help is required and formed his NGO . Many started contributing with funds and the journey started. In June 2022, he launched his social media app called Explurger.

Sonu Sood’s heroic efforts also contributed towards helping workers migration

With many jobs lost, the workers were struck at one place as no conveyance was available. Sonu’s not only reached out to them arranged food and special buses for their journey. With more and more money coming to his NGO, he arranged extra money. Following the food crises, there came a shortage of beds and oxygen. If reports are to be believed, he imported 4 oxygen manufacturing plants financed by Salman . Although people have criticized him for taking credit for the work done, lets not forget that he took the initiative. If there was one celebrity who came out for help during pandemics, it was him. As a Good Samaritan , he arranged beds, oxygen and helped people in every way.

Amazing Body Metamorphosis and Transformation

On Sonu Sood’s birthday, lets celebrate the hard work he has put in reaching where he is today. Looking back at his lanky demeanor to becoming a Bollywood Hunk, is nothing less than extraordinary.

His last movie was Samrat Prithviraj which flopped at the box office. Actor’s next movie is Tamil movie Thamilarasan. On behalf of the storiesviews team, here’s wishing him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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