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Malaika needs Cajoling to attend Ranbir, Alia wedding


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Malaika discloses the reasons for her fear

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Bollywood actress recently met with a serious accident. She was injured and was hospitalized. Recently she attended the Reception of Ranbir and Alia alongside Arjun Kapoor. Malaika admits driving fears after the accident. Recently Ranbir and Alia tied the knot in the presence of family members and friends. Close friends attended the lavish wedding to bless the couple. Couple followed rituals in the purest form. Everything from Costumes, Arrangements and Jewelry and everything just made sense. One of the most loved couples tied the knot at a private ceremony at Ranbir’s balcony in Vastu on April 14. The couple looked stunning together as they exchanged their vows in presence of family members.

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Malaika admits driving fears, looks out for motivation

Ranbir and Alia hosted a reception a day after the much talked about wedding. Many leading celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, Malaika Arora among others, were the attendees. Malaika Arora also arrived with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. Earlier, Malaika met with a road accident. Reception was the first outing after the incident. Malaika admitted that she was scared after accident and required flattering to sit in the car.

Malaika fears sitting in the cars

Fragile mind the likely reason for not attending Ranbir-Alia reception

Malaika Arora had a bad car accident in April. The bollywood actress got seriously injured and stayed away from the media. She recently attended Ranbir-Alia’s reception. Talking with Bombay Times, Malaika admits driving fears post accident. She admitted being so scared that she needed to be pushed to sitting in the car.

Malaika Arora fragile state of mind

Malaika admits driving fears, doubts people

Since the accident, Malaika did not have any public appearance. The actress admitted recently that seeing people around her has made her doubtful. Her fears sitting in the car have increased. Her Land rover lost control and bumped into other cars. She has since been on the road to recovery.

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