Ranbir refused Karan’s show, and requests the producer not to invite him

Ranbir receives Garland
Ranbir receives Garland

Karan Johar reveals the reason Ranbir Kapoor Has Refused to Come On Koffee With Karan S7

Sitting on the couch at Karan Johan’s Koffee with Karan is not a child’s play. Although the show over the year has received immense popularity, there is another side to it that it has become extremely Cliche. Questions on personal lives, questions on Cliche Topics like Homosexuality, sex drive, and opinions about other actors are asked freely. Because of this some of the actors have refused to come to Karan Johar’s Show. Known to buzz controversy, there were many times that the questions asked have landed the celebs into deep trouble. From the Hardik Pandya’s -KL Rahul episode to Deepika Padukone-Sonam’s, the stars got into trouble for their open remarks. While the players were suspended from a match, the actress had to face the anger of Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor. Recently Ranbir refused Karan’s show because he feels the results of the show continue to haunt him for long time.

Why Ranbir refused Karan’s show? Producer of the show answers

Recently Karan opened up on why Ranbir refused his show. He revealed that the ‘Rockstar’ actor had requested Karan to not invite him for his season 7. Strange, Isn’t it! Remember in one of the episodes of he took the couch with Ranveer Singh, both referred to his show as SH*T and added where else do they get a chance to do that. Brahmastra producer said that Ranbir is too scared to come on the show as he feels the effect of the show is long-lasting. Filmmaker Karan Johar and the host of the celebrity chat revealed the same on a talk show. During an episode with Ranbir Ranveer was about to throw a shoe at the producer. Karan remarked if that is how they should talk to a senior filmmaker to which the actors reply that he should first carry himself like one.

Celebrities confess to Karan, speaking their mind has damaging effect on career

For his career, Ranbir refused Karan’s show

Just as Ranbir refused Karan’s show, there are similar incidences when others have refrained from opening up to avoid any trouble. Even Karan revealed himself that many of his Bollywood friends are scared just like Ranbir to come to his show. The bizarre questions put in the show have often landed many a few into deep trouble. As for Ranbir, the show producer has this to say “I am not coming to Ingham’s show. He is like I have to pay the price for this for too long. Why should I do this to myself? He said, ‘I love you and I’ll meet you at your house and talk to you. You give me coffee at home. But please I am not coming for the show.’” Ranbir also told the filmmaker,” Karan you can build public perception based on the performance on that couch.” And for those who call his show rubbish, he had these partying words,” “It is what you call the quintessential arrangement – you may cringe but you will still binge.”

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