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Sardar Movie Is Average On Emotional Front


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Mithran’s Sardar movie has a great Star Cast and an efficiently made movie with a great story line. However, in spite of all the pluses, the audience fail to feel the punch.

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Mithran’s Sardar movie reflects the story of an espionage agent who is falsely labelled a traitor. It is his journey from exile to safeguarding the country. Movie dates back to the late 80’s in which we learn about the spy who has deviated from his path of righteousness. Fast Forward a couple of years also shows his son Vijay Prakash (Karthi). Although Vijay is a publicity hungry cop, his sub-conscious mind still haunts him for being a traitor’s son. The movie Sardar is blunt about being a star movie, and Karthi delivers an impeccable performance. Sardar’s storyline is superb, and all the actors compliment the plot. However, Sardar Movie is average and fails on the emotional front. The characters fail to erupt excitement. Neither one feels dismayed if the character is betrayed.

Sardar Movie
Sardar Movie

Karthi delivers an impeccable performance, however the movie fails to generate feelings

Sardar is hands down a great movie and Karthi delivers an all-around performance. He slays in the role of a son overwhelmed with the deeds of his father. Also, he also sets to protect the sanity of his job as a spy to safeguard the interests of his nation. Also, the movie has some great performances of the supporting actors. These characters further the story line and help to take it forward. Also, another great part of the movie is that the director still manages to make them relatable to the movie. However, the movie lacks an emotional element as it fails to connect to the heart. It becomes more a battle of brain vs Heart. Thus, Sardar movie is Average on the emotional values although leading on so many fronts. It even weaves such an important message of protecting our water reserves and preventing them from private hands.

One doesn’t feel the punch, In spite of a stellar performance Sardar movie is average

Mithran’s Sardar fails to touch the emotional chord when it is more than needed. For instance, there is never a feeling of angst in case of betrayal or remorse when a murder happens. Even the characters fail to trigger excitement. The stunts are lengthy often making the viewers lose interest and fail to erupt the excitement what they are supposed to deliver.

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Movie has great script but lacks an emotional connectSardar Movie Is Average On Emotional Front