Teacher-Student Romance in Bollywood movies

Teacher-Student romance
Teacher-Student romance

Teacher-Student Romance in Bollywood movies is no longer taboo

The teacher student romance is Taboo and is subject to scorn. It questions one’s character and upbringing. The literate shy away from discussing it due to its controversial nature. Because of its controversial nature, such relationships are often berated. Furthermore, society around us cringes on the topic. We are social beings and our ambience affects our behaviour. In addition, the movies take inspiration from the surroundings. Moreover, a teacher in India is a symbol of respect honour and gratitude. The teacher occupies the highest pedestal of respect in India. Students also call him as Guru or Acharya meaning an influential mentor.

Teacher and Student Romance-A Taboo

The teacher provides knowledge values and wisdom. ‘Teacher’ is a symbol of reverence, esteem and honour. However, the perception of a Teacher student relationship has changed. People have become more progressive over the years. In fact, the Taboo topics of yesterday are considered to be the norm now. Indian society consists of both western and spiritual thoughts.

Moreover, the inflow of foreign culture has led to the progressive transformation of an Indian mindset. Both the Spiritual and western thoughts reflect in Indians. Consequently, the amalgamation has both resulted in knowledge as well as confusion. Thus, one can see openness and aversion to the same thing at the same time. On the contrary, there are many topics that had been vilified in past. For example, Teacher Student Romance is no longer looked down upon. Even so, the reason for the hatred is obvious. Because a teacher student association is based on reverence, there is no room for physical connection.

Western World and Transformation of the Indian mindset.

Teacher Student Romance flourished owing to the erasing of the barriers between cultures. Consequently, Indian movies reflect hints of western culture in them. Hollywood has long produced movies on the subject. For instance, ‘Notes on a Scandal’, Wonder Boys, A Teacher and P.S have been Hollywood leading movies.. However, in India, no attempt was made because most producers considered the topic profane. There are many movies dedicated to the role of a teacher. There are however only a few movies that highlight the other dimension of the Teacher-Student Romance. One of the reasons is that aura of the teacher is too big. One can’t fathom the romantic element attached to it. The article highlights 5 of the top Bollywood movies showcasing a Teacher-Student romance openly with conviction.

5 Movies that showcased Teacher-Student Romance

Shabd-The Teacher Student Romance Thriller

Teacher Student Romance
Teacher-Student Romance Shabd

Shabd is a thriller Indian Teacher Student Romance movie revolving around 3 characters.Shaukat (Sanjay Dutt), Antara(Aishwarya) and Yash(Zayed Khan) play the lead roles. Shabd’s story consists of complex twists and turns. Shaukat, a writer is married to Antara, a Professor.. Shaukat is a writer whose last novel failed miserably.Antara is a professor in the college and Yash gushes over her. Antara informs her husband Shaukat. He urges Antara to act being in love. All this he is doing to get content for his new novel.Shaukat urges Antara to continue with the act. Antara plays against her wishes, but finds falling for Yash.Shaukat realises that his greed for fame has made his married life haywire.

Nasha-One sided Teacher

Teacher-Student Romance Nasha

The Poonam Pandey starrer Teacher-Student Romance movie is one of the best to watch. Poonam plays a teacher who gets hitched to her student ends up sleeping with him. Nasha’s storyline consists of 2 characters Anita(Poonam Pandey) and Sahil(Shyam Patil). Someone introduces Sahil and his friends get to Anita, the new drama teacher. Nasha is an amalgamation of emotions like love, revenge, ecstasy, revenge and anger. The highlights of the movie are its beautiful plot, intimate scenes and good acting. Nasha is a one-sided Teacher-Student romance. Both critics and the public gave the movie mixed views.

Mera Naam Joker

Teacher-Student Romance
Teacher-Student Romance Mera Naam Joker

‘Mera Naam Joker’ is an iconic movie that highlighted a Teacher Student Romance. The movie was a disaster at the box office. People didn’t receive the content of the movie well. The movie was showman Raj Kapoor’s masterpiece. He found it difficult to cope with the loss. The 1970 Indian Teacher-Student Romance centred film was way ahead of its time. Simi Garewal and Rishi Kapoor played the leading roles of a teacher and the student respectively. The affection between the student and a teacher escalates. Mera Naan Joker’ is a display of sexual feelings between the student and the teacher. Both struggle to strike a balance between two.


Teacher-Student Romance Haraamkhor

Both Shweta Tripathi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui do full justice to the movie. Shweta Tripathi is in good form as the confused, ignored young teenager who can’t help making all the wrong choices. The movie storyline showcases the love triangle between the school teacher Shyam (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), student Sandhya(Shweta Tripathi) and her Tuition mate Kamal(Irfan Khan). The movie is a tale of a twisted Teacher-Student relationship. The backbone of the movie is Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s superlative performance as a violent predator giving life to the movie. There is no doubt that the movie again highlights the acting prowess of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The predatory instinct of his character draws emotions like anger, and laughter in an almost flawless manner.

Leela-An Intense Teacher-Student Romance

Teacher-Student romance
Teacher-Student Romance Leela

Leela is an acclaimed IndianTeacher-Student romance movie. The movie is set against a backdrop of heightened sexual drive. The story revolves around a boy who falls for his teacher. The movie Leela is a story of a woman’s vulnerability. The lead struggles to find her identity. She is too busy with her household chores. A professor from Bombay, she wins a chance to become a visiting professor in California. She happens to meet Kris. He makes her realize the desire for her own body and rediscover herself.