Urfi Javed’s bold fashion takes the internet by storm

Uorfi Javed
Uorfi Javed

Urfi Javed is not an unknown name anymore. Her controversial fashion sense always makes statements. Just like any other time, Urfi fashion choices continue to startle fans.

There is no doubt that Urfi Javed’s Bold fashion choices definitely draw people’s attention. Most individuals are shocked looking at her choices. It would not be wrong to say that she is a controversy queen, and she surely knows how to stay in the news always. There are many individuals who can’t stand her sight. However, one thing is certain, she certainly knows how to pull crowds. She just seems to have the right formula to blow people’s minds. She recently Urfi Javed is not interested in any identity today. In such a situation, the actress is also breaking all limits of bo*ldness with her dressing style sense.

Internet went crazy after Urfi Javed’s bold fashion videos came online

Urfi’s fashion choices are often bold and revealing. However, this time it just went overboard. She shared the video while wearing a revealing bralette. Whatever het dress choices are, she just knows how to get her fans engaged. In one of her latest videos, she has worn a skirt made of wristwatches. Netizens trolled her brutally for the choice of her attire.

Urfi Javed’s bold fashion gets her trolled on social media

On one hand there are people who refer her as bold, others trolled her brutally. One of the fans was extremely upset and commented expressing their anguish.

‘bas yahi baaki reh gaya tha’,

Fans on seeing her in revealing clothes.

There were others who commented that the actress had taken such a step to gain fame.

People had mixed reactions. While some people hailed her for being bold and creative, others trolled her.

“seriously yeh fame pane ke chakkar me kasam se pgl ho gai hai.” On Thursday, she took to Instagram and penned a long note on ‘what’s right and what’s wrong.’

Netizens commented on Urfi Javed’s fashion

Earlier Urfi Javed attacked media for commenting on clothes choices. When one of the reporters commented that she wore proper clothes for first time. the comment was sufficient to get her started.

Urfi Javed’s Bold fashion figures

Urfi Javed’s face super-creative dresses

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