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Urfi shared hate comments received on social media


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Actress say netizens need to pray hard for her death as she is hare to stay

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Urfi Javed might not have made in the acting world, but she sure has figured out how to stay in the news. Her fashion choices never fail to get attention and often raise eyeballs. These fashion choices are nothing but weird, with material ranging from glass to even an edible cotton Candy. Hardly a day comes when the actress doesn’t grab eyeballs. Moreover, her outspoken attitude has enabled her to stay in the news always . However, she is in the news for a different reason. Urfi shared hate comments received on the social media. She claims that many of the netizens wished her to die.

Urfi glass dress
Urfi glass dress

Urfi Javed on not getting movie roles”Bollywood Mere Baap Ka To Nahi Hai”

For instance at during one of the interviews when one of the reporter asked her why in spite of being so popular she still has not got any roles she was quicky to reply,” Bollywood Mere Baap Ka To Nahi Hai” ( Bollywood does not belong to my father). Recently Urfi shared hate comments of the people wishing her death on the social media. In one of the comments shared by a user the actress mentioned how people wanted her to have been shot instead of Sidhu Moose Wala. Another read,” “Tu chali jayegi toh accha rahega (It will be good if you die)”.

Urfi shared hate comments , says people wishing her death, but she is here to stay

Actress revealed that she over some days has received some messages. Sharing the hatred messages she posted on her insta account saying ,” Just posting a few of the comments which I’ve received in the past few days! People wishing I died, get shot by. We live in a cruel world but let me tell you guys something, you guys need to pray harder for my death coz guess what this b*tch’s here to stay!” Former Big Boss contestant admitted that these wishes were so scary. She admitted that in spite of not being involved in anyone’s death, people wishing her makes her scared. On being asked how she responds to the trolls and people who don’t like her, she had this to say “That’s the thing, I do not have to handle it. Why should I handle it? It’s not for me to reply to anyone who doesn’t like me. If you don’t like me, good for you. People don’t even like their own kids, how they are supposed to like me? I cannot expect everyone to like me. I don’t care much about people liking me or not,”.

Urfi Shared hate comments
Urfi Shared hate comments

Journey in Bollywood so far

Urfi last performed in Singer Kunwarr music video. Additionally she has also worked in several Television shows like Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania, Meri Durga, Bepannaah and Puncch Beat Season 2. She also starred in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for some time and later played Tanisha Chakraborty in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2.

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