Wednesday, June 7, 2023

When A Woman Slapped SRK in Train


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Pathan actor revealed the incidence when he got slapped by a woman while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai.

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If there is one Bollywood actor that the world’s most beautiful ladies desire, he is non other than SRK. He is a heartthrob of millions around the world and literary has the power to stop the crowd in their stands. A brand ambassador of Dubai Tourism is just one of the glorious chapters in the entertainment world. Additionally he has endorses a number of brands . So when the ‘Badshaah of Bollywood opens up that he was once slapped, it sure makes a person startle. During the trailer launch of his 2018 movie zero, a woman slapped SRK during the journey from Delhi to Mumbai. Although Shah Rukh never leaves a chance of bragging about his personality, but deep down he is helpful, humble and Jovial. He often shares interesting and funny stories before he became the King of Bollywood.

What happened when a Woman slapped SRK after he came for the movie Zero’s launch?

Shah Rukh always has some funny stories about himself, his family or his fans. Other than Amitabh Bachchan, no other actor stands besides him in terms of popularity. However he ensures to keep people informed about his life and his fans love him for that. However, it was not all rosy before as the actor also was a struggler. On one of the times he recalled a woman had slapped him while he was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai. Does this sound even believable? The ‘Badshaah’ gets slapped! But it is true, the actor reported that he indeed was slapped. Narrating the incident when the woman slapped SRK, he said,” I came by train for the first time when I came to Mumbai. The train from Delhi would turn into a local after entering Mumbai which I was not aware of. So I did not let a few people sit on my berth saying that it is mine, ‘I paid for it.’ I did offer it to a lady, though, saying, ‘you can sit but I won’t let the men with you sit on my berth. And that lady slapped me real hard saying that ‘it isn’t yours, it is everybody’s.”

Woman hits SRK, makes it unforgettable for him

Shah Rukh till date remembers the incident as unforgettable. Back after a 3 years break, he is coming back in a different avatar. His new movie’s poster released and his fans are already looking forward . Additionally he has ‘Jawan’ and ‘Dhunki’ lined up. Additionally he also played a cameo in R Madhavan’s Rocketry and similarly cameo roles in Laal Singh Chaddha, Brahmastra and Tiger 3 respectively .

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