Friday, December 8, 2023

Abdu Rozik And Sajid Unite After Big Boss 16 At Farah Khan’s House


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Bollywood famed Choreographer Farah Khan invited Abdu and Sajid Khan to her house. Sajid Khan was the most recent eviction from the Big Boss House.

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Abdu Rozik and Sajid unite for the first time after the latter made an exit from the show recently. Sajid’s Producer and Choreographer sister Farah invited them to her home. For the unversed, Big Boss gained publicity after Sajid’s entrance. Sajid’s name was involved with multiple women in the MeToo movement, and it caused immense criticism on the social medium. It came as a huge surprise for many fans of the show. After the Tajikistan singer left, the very next day leads to the walking out of Sajid Khan. It is said that the filmmaker chose to step out owing to prior commitments. Now, the two reunited thanks to Farah Khan, who shared photos of their happy time. Farah shared photos of Sajid and Abdu taken at her house. She also displayed the burgers and fries she treated them with.

She captioned the picture with a sweet post,”My 2 favourites this season of #biggboss16 .. sometimes its even better to just win hearts @abdu_rozik @aslisajidkhan @colorstv #mandli #family #burgir,” wrote Farah.

Farah celebrated Birthday, Treated Abdu Rozik and Sajid after the latter’s exit

Producer Farah Khan was recently on the Salman Khan-hosted show as part of Family Week. She celebrated her birthday in the house with the contestants. She interacted with housemates and sharing pearls of wisdom with them. Fans would recall that both Sajid and Abdu shared a cordial relationship from the start. However, an incident during Nimrit’s Birthday caused a rift between them. While Abdu wanted to wish her by writing ‘I Love Nimmi’ on his back, Sajid wrote ‘I Love T**ti’ as a prank. This wasn’t taken kindly by host Salman Khan and fans, given Abdu was unaware about what was written on his back. Post the misunderstanding and their respective exits, it was the first time both met.

Farah Khan’s Birthday Celebration

Abdu Rozik and Sajid unite after the infamous ‘Potty Humour’ incident

Post his exit from the show, he opened up about the incident and mentioned how he had lost trust on Sajid. Talking to the media, he expressed that he has lost trust in Sajid.

“In real life, sometimes it’s not good. Whole show seeing, whole duniya seeing. My father-mother seeing. I’m thinking. Bro Sajid told me ‘(I’ll) write I love Nimrit.’ I told (i’ll wish) Happy Birthday like this. He didn’t tell me (what he wrote). How I see my back, what he’s writing. trust him. I trust bro Sajid. After this I’m like not much trusting him. After this I’m became sad, If your best friend only making on your back. like this for the whole world to see – this is not good.

Abdu Rozik talks to the media about the incident

Everyone seems to have resolved their differences post the recent meeting. Farah, Sajid and Abdu were all smiles as they posed for photographs.

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