Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Manya Singh’s Bollywood Launch expected after Salman’s Bigg Boss Show


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Manya Singh’s Bollywood Launch comment created quite a stir at the Bigg Boss House yesterday. The actress claimed that she is expecting a launch post the completion of the show.

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Ahead of show, the beauty queen had claimed that success in Salman’s show can be achieved. Also, she said that it wasn’t a rocket science that one can’t understand. Manya Singh’s Bollywood Launch comment created quite a commotion at the show yesterday. She was quick to say that she might act in a Bollywood movie post Salman Khan’s Show. Other participants have not received her comments well. Her referring proudly that the show isn’t a rocket science. Also, she stated that she wanted to make a career in acting and just wants to directly enter into the cine world.

Big Boss expected to propel Manya Singh’s Bollywood Launch, also understands the risk

When asked if it was a risk to participate in Big Boss 16 even before her launch, she agreed. Here’s what she said.

β€œIt is a huge risk. It is make it-or-break it type of risk but I’m really excited. If you don’t take a risk, you’ll not go ahead in your life.” β€œI have always seen myself growing, no matter in which field. I’m pretty sure that I’m ready for anything.”

Manya Singh in response to risk of participation in Big Boss

Beauty Queen Manya Singh’s Bollywood Launch expected after Bigg Boss, she confirms

When asked where she sees herself after Salman’s show, she was quick to respond, Bollywood. She also dropped a hint that she might act in Salman’s movie. Although controversial but it has been instrumental in making the careers of so many. Manya also admitted that Bigg Boss helped her in making and breaking careers.

Additionally, she added that the show provides you a platform to build one’s career. She admitted that she didn’t follow it closely but saw it a couple of times. However, she commented that it is not a rocket science. In the show Manya got into controversy when she passed a comment on Sreejita De. Calling her as β€˜just being a TV actress’ while she represented her country at a National level (Manya is former Miss India runner-up). The comment has not gone down well with either TV celebs or Salman Khan and he is going to take her class in Shanivaar Ka Vaar episode.

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