Are Hrithik Roshan And Saba Azad Getting MARRIED Soon?

Hritik-and-Saba secret dinner date
Hritik-and-Saba at secret dinner date

Bollywood’s Greek God Hrithik Roshan has allegedly tracked down adoration in entertainer Saba Azad. Once they were spotted leaving an eatery in Mumbai, clasping hands. After that, their dating bits of gossip started off. Hrithik and Saba, from that point, have been partying like there’s no tomorrow with their soft sentiment. The supposed lovebirds have been getting more grounded with their relationship since then. Be it giving each other sweet yell outs via web-based media or venturing out together in the city, it’s all there. Presently, according to the most recent report, the couple will soon marry.

They Are Not In A Hurry

Indeed, you read that right! Hrithik and Saba are wanting to marry soon. Their companion revealed to India Today in a chat. They are especially into one another and that the actor’s family is extremely enamored with Saba. “Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad are especially into one another”, says the friend. Hrithik’s family also has taken to Saba very well. If we say the truth, very much like Hrithik, Saba’s melodic work attracts them. And they are fond of her work. Recently, when she visited Hrithik’s home, she did an off the cuff singing and jiving meeting. This, the family and Hrithik completely thoroughly enjoyed. Hrithik and Saba are unquestionably together however neither of them need to hurry into things.

Possessive Hrithik

Prior to this, an insider had uncovered that Hrithik’s ex Sussanne and Saba have ‘produced all in all a fellowship’ with one another and are in ‘regular contact’. Eminently, a couple of days ago, Hrithik Roshan had dropped a soft remark on Saba Azad’s photographs. He called her shocking pictures ‘immortal.’

So, yes, there is something brewing but we don’t know the result as of now.

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