I want to bring change in the society through my films – Bhumi Pednekar

Badhaai Do Bhumi Pednekar
Badhaai Do Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar has always done films that have a message. Her recent film Badhaai Do is doing well at the box office. In a candid conversation with entertainment journalist Puja Talwar, she talks about her career goals, about the films that she wants to do, issue of pay parity in Bollywood and a lot more.

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Badhaai Do is a sensitive film

I have always strived to do the work that challenges me. I want to do films which genuinely move the audience – in terms of laughter, or emotions or anything. Badhaai Do is such an emotional story because I am friends with many people who are a part of LGBTQ community. They have told me stories of their harassment, how they have been discriminated against and I always felt helpless. I feel this movie is my attempt to do something for them.

I also believe that laughter shouldn’t be at the cost of any person. We should ensure that our laughter shouldn’t come at the cost of someone else’s emotions.

I hope that the audience also feels the way I feel.

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Bhumi Pednekar strives to do films with a message

I do film that I understand

I am living my dream. I have always wanted to act but that comes with some responsibility. I choose film that are closer to my heart. I strive to do film that leave the audience with something more than just a few laughs and tears. I am always conscious about how my work will benefit the society.

There is is need to normalise things that are considered taboo. We can do that with healthy conversations around the subject and cinema can do that really well. I hope that after watching the movie many people will find the courage to accept what they are, they will now be more confident about their identity. I am very hopeful about 2022. I am working with director who I wanted to work with for a long time. I am confident about doing some really pathbreaking work this year.

Never underestimate the intellect of audience

Audience understand and appreciates good quality cinema whether it is commercial or otherwise. After reading the script I know whether the film is going to work or now. Most of the times it works. We should never underestimate the power or the intellect of the audience. It is the same audience that has celebrated shows which are really high on content and also films which are totally commercial.

Pay parity is long overdue

I am happy to see the films that my colleagues are doing. Many of them are driven by female characters. While that has definitely helped change the narrative but it is also about more women working in the position of power specially behind the camera. I feel women have found their place in front of the camera but they have yet to establish their authority behind the camera. I want to see more women directing the film, more women writing the story and the narrative but one thing which should happen immediately is pay parity.

I think most people realised that pandemic has hit them only when they had a female lead film they were supporting. I have never heard of any producer going to a male actor and asking them to take a pay cut. This is really ridiculous.