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Shamshera Didn’t Reveal TMI, There is Plenty More In Store


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When someone asked the director Karan Malhotra, if Shamshera trailer was a spoiler, he answered there was so much to offer.

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 It is not everyday that a movie has two of the Bollywood most loved characters in a movie. As expected the expectation of the movie is way too high. With the movie less than two weeks away, and the trailer has showcased everything what the movie brings. Considering this its very rare that for a movie to retain the same excitement as the movie approaches. But this does not seem to be the case with ‘Shamshera’. When asked if he is not scared that the trailer has revealed everything and has killed the excitement, he said Shamshera didn’t reveal TMI and there was so much to offer.

Shamshera Movie
Shamshera Movie

Both the actors have fitted so well in the story, that one actually is pushed back to the same era. But one thing that is hitting everyone’s heads, Has Shamshera revealed TMI (Too much information)? Well the verdict is not going to be too far, and it is a matter of days now. Shamshera’s director opened up on why he made such as trailer. Also he revealed that Shamshera didn’t reveal TMI . There is so much more to watch when the movie hits the theatres. Hear from the actors what they thought of the movie. The director reveals the why so much care was taken in handling the characters that Ranbir and Sanjay characterized.

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Karan justified reason for the trailer, Shamshera didn’t reveal TMI

When asked in a candid chat if the trailer of the movie has revealed everything, Karan replied in a negative. Clearing the rumour, he says there is so much too offer, once we hit the theatres. Recently both Ranbir and the female lead posted pictures from the movie on their Instapage. Needless to say they looked stunning and seductive.

Clearing the misconception of the release of the trailer was a bad idea, for the movie revealed everything. And now the movie won’t have anything worthwhile going to, he clarified that trailer was just a fraction. “Even though the audience gets a glimpse of the storyline, they do not know the emotional contradictions, drama and actions behind it,” Karan clarified. Additionally he said the trailer was just a teaser.

Aditya Chopra produced the movie under the YRF banner, the star ensemble of ‘Shamshera’ includes Ronit Roy, Ashutosh Rana, Vaani Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla. It releases on July 22.

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