International Kissing day 2022: Bollywood Kisses That went Horribly wrong

Bollywood Controversial Kisses
Bollywood Controversial Kisses

5 Bollywood Kisses Created Controversies

There is hardly any movie in Bollywood that does not have a Kiss scene. Kissing not only adds to the flair but also attaches an element of seduction to it. If done the right way, these can elevate the romantic sequences unlike anyone can imagine. one of the crucial parts of the Cineworld, the audience goes wild on any kissing numbers. From Rishi-Deepika’s Kiss in the movie Bobby to Ranbir-Deepika’s in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, it forms an important element of any Bollywood movie. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the kissing scenes hold as much enthusiasm as the script. These Bollywood Kisses Created controversies that left an unpleasant taste as well.

Despite the kiss being considered one of the erotic symbols, others have gone wrong. Many actors have delivered some of the best Kissing scenes. From Ranbir to Ranveer, Bipasha to Malaika, Kareena to Katrina, these Bollywood stars have been a part of some of the Iconic Lip-Locks. However, others have led to not-so-pleasant experiences at all. These Bollywood controversial Kisses got celebrities convicted for sexual assaults later.

Vicky Kaushal kisses Katrina on his Birthday

These Bollywood’s kisses created Controversies leading to wide uproar

1.Shilpa Shetty And Richard Gere

Famous Hollywood star Richard Gere left Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty’s stunned during an AIDS awareness event in New Delhi. Shilpa was taken aback when Gere held her, leaned her backward, grabbed her and kissed her cheek. Caught Off-guard, the act got Shilpa offended. The act gained quite the hype as media lifted it beyond proportion. However there were some who condemned it. Here is the infamous scene.

Richard and Shilpa Shetty
Richard and Shilpa Shetty

2. Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh

Rakhi Sawant also got caught unexpectedly, when Mika Singh forced a kiss on Rakhi Sawant. Mika got caught up in a controversy when he grabbed Rakhi in front of everyone and kissed her forcibly. This happened on his biirthday in the year 2016. Subsequently, Rakhi Sawant filed a serious complaint against Mika Singh after this. However, Singer Mika said in his defense that it was her who kissed him first. They seemed to have settled their differences since then. Here is the video.

Rakhi Sawant at Mika’s party

3.John Barrowman and Shah Rukh Khan

Badshah of B-Town too became a laughing stock of a controversy. However interestingly enough, it was any of his leading ladies, but a famous Hollywood actor John Barrowman. Shah Rukh received invitation for John’s reality show “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross“. A photo of King khan having a smooth lip-lock with John Barrowman got viral Although many still rate it as a prank, there are many who still feel it to be real.

John Barrowman and Shah rukh
John Barrowman and Shah rukh

4. Amy jackson and Prateik Babbar

Amy and Prateik were rumored to be in a relationship. However, both never accepted to be in one. As much one can try, the truth comes out eventually. Both got caught red-handed when their went viral while kissing in public.

Amy Jackson and Prateik Babbar
Prateik and Amy in one of the songs

5. Christiano Ronaldo and Bipasha Basu

Soccer player Christiano Ronaldo and actress Bipasha Basu most unexpected lip-lock made the news too. Back in 2007, they made headlines when a picture of them kissing got viral. At a party both were found kissing one another. The infamous kiss led to a host of controversies later on.

Christiano and Bipasha
Christiano and Bipasha

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