Friday, July 19, 2024

Urfi Javed Replied To Trollers


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Big Boss contestant replies the Trollers with a middle finger

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Urfi Javed was once again in the news as she replied to the trollers by showing the middle finger. Big Boss former contestant is always in the news due to her unique fashion sense. On one instance in the reporters clicked Urfi Javed at the airport. She wore short and black backless t-shirtsI and shorts. She kept a simple Pilates hairstyle.

Urfi replies the trollers with a middle finger

As the paprazzi’s click pictures and one of them asked “Rahul has commented about you. Apko aisa lagta hai apko target kiya ja rha hai”. (How do you feel when you are being targeted?). Urfi replied “vo maire liye nahi tha” ( That was not for me). After a long pause she also said, “theek hai har koi nishane ko hi target karta hai”. ( Well everyone targets the bulls eyes). When the reporter continued, ” Har Koi apko target kar raha hai, She said, ” No one knows me, Mujhe target karo ,sahi hai “. And then she pointed her middle finger at those who troll her.

Rahul Vadiya Tweet

Rahul Vaidya recently tweeted without naming anyone, “I Saw a photo today on Instagram. My wife sent it to me. And mark my words. “In the coming years people will start posting nude in the names of fashion or trend”! Save this tweet for evidence. God bless us”.

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