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Is Shamshera Story Real? Ranbir revealed details of the movie


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Shamshera opens up on his double role in Shamshera

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Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera is on everyone’s lips. So far the looks and the special VFX have impressed the fans. Both the Teaser and Trailer of the movie got released within a few days interval and needless to say, both look stunning. Ranbir Kapoor as a fearless warrior in his open hair locks looks magical. Set in pre-independence times in the year 1800, the movie highlights the bravery of a fighter who leads his tribe towards freedom from the British. Is Shamshera’s Story Real? For those who think Shamshera is based on Real Story, it is not so. Shamshera is based on a fictional story set in the town of Kaza. Sanjay Dutt plays the antagonist in the movie. Ranbir and Sanjay’s showdown is expected to create fireworks as they both clash with each other. Recently Ranbir revealed Shamshera’s details of an important aspect plot of the movie, raising the expectations even more. He revealed that in the movie, it is his son Balli who is the hero. For the unversed, Ranbir Kapoor shall enact double roles in the movie. Aditya Chopra produced the movie and the movie hits the theatre floors on July 22, 2022.

Ranbir in Shamshera
Ranbir in Shamshera

Playing the Father in the movie, Ranbir revealed Shamshera’s details

Ranbir is making a comeback with Shamshera and what a comeback it shall be. After his blockbuster Sanju, none of his movies hit the screen. He took his fans by surprise when the trailer of the movie was released. As soon as the fans saw it, they were raving about the actor’s transformation. is playing a larger-than-life hero in the action entertainer ‘Shamshera’. The actor, who is returning to the big screen four years after he delivered the blockbuster ‘Sanju’, has wowed everyone with his incredible intensity when the trailer of the much-awaited film dropped. Ranbir is playing a double role as a father and a son. There is an unknown guarded secret that Shamshera, the father and son of the Balli experience. Excited about the nature of the role, Ranbir had long expressed their excitement.

Shamshera Movie
Shamshera Movie

Ranbir posts an interesting video depicting Father-Son rivalry

In a recently dropped post, Ranbir dropped his video titled ‘Ranbir Kapoor as Balli and Shamshera’. Captioning the picture the actor wrote,” Father and Son Faceoff, this shot,” he gave a glimpse of his character. Also he added,” It’s amazing that I’m playing two characters in one film! Both are very different and unique but their heart and their head is very similar. The transition from Shamshera to Balli was very interesting for me as an actor.”

Is Shamshera’s Story Real? Its time to lift the curtains

Shamshera’s story is shot in a fictional desert city of Kaza where a British General Shudh Singh torments the people. This is the story of the man who rose from slavery to become a leader and legend for his tribe and his name Shamshera.

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