Nia Sharma raises the temperature with her poll dance moves and she looks incredibly hot

Nia Sharma pole dance
Nia Sharma pole dance

Model and actor Nia Sharma is ready to show her jaw-dropping moves on the pole again. She recently took to social model and posted a video of her performing pole dance. The caption says – ‘I miss the pole .. those bruised knees and thighs…..the excruciating body ache ! Still ready for all of it again’🙂☺️

Check out the video here –

Nia mystifies the audience with her grace and strength in the audience. Her flexible body is an example of her dedication towards this art which is also considered a good alternative for resistance training and cardio.

Nia has been posting her pole dance videos regularly. Check this out –

Nia Sharma is a trained pole dancer

Pole dancers perform acrobatic tricks either suspending their weight or propelling it around a metal pole. The simple act of climbing a pole is an incredible display of strength. Nia Sharma regularly practices this art as it makes her look and feel fit and energetic. Nia also proves with her moves around the pole that she is extremely versatile – her moves look artistic, sporty and sexy – all at the same time.

Nia may look extremely comfortable in her dance moved around the pole but her journey has been full of struggles. She is being praised for her skills today but during the training period she has many times ended with bruises, cuts and even scrapes.

However, she now inspires a lot of women and even men to take up pole dancing not only as a glamorous performing act but also as a great way to stay fit and confident.