Vikrant Massey Opens Up About His New Film ‘Love Hostel’ And A Lot More In This Exclusive Interview

Vikrant Massey open up about Love Hostal
Vikrant Massey open up about Love Hostel

Vikrant Massey is one of the few Bollywood actors who have done a great job in last two years. He is talented yet grounded and believes in sticking to basics despite all the love and appreciation that he keeps receiving from his fans. He says that When people attribute nice adjectives, it feels good and you feel responsible for your fans but you have to be conscious about your shortcomings and keep working on them.

He describes himself as Mr #unpredictable and adds that he is also loyal, reliable and straightforward.

His favorite apps are google, snapseed, spotify, itunes, masterclass etc.

In an exclusive interview with Puja Talwar, he opens up on his forthcoming projects and a lot more. Watch the full interview here –

Vikrant Massey shares his career plans

Here are the excerpts of the interview –

On his forthcoming film Love Hostel

Love Hostel is not just about marriage. It is a gritty thriller though a love story on the outside. I am sure people will love it once it releases. I would like to say that it is a survival movie. The film is fiction set in a relatable world and that is why I would say that it is open to interpretation.

On his career plans

I always choose the story first and now want to collaborate with directors who are more sensitive towards their responsibilities. Co-actors and technical crew are always an added advantage.

I always like to work with new directors because they bring in fresh energy and take you out of your comfort zone. It motivates me to give my best though sometimes it turns to be a risky proposition but I don’t regret that. Some projects didn’t turn out well but that happens.

There are so many people like Anurag Kashyap, Sanjay Leela Bhansali I would like to work with and hopefully I will get to work with them some day.

He is also working on many other films such as Blackout, Gaslight and Mumbaikar.

On Covid  

Covid has taught us a lot in life. We have rediscovered ourselves. We have also seen changes in consumptions pattern. I had the good fortune of doing seven films in last two years and audiences have supported me. We have also learnt that there is space for everyone and we all can accommodate one another.

On his biggest challenge

The biggest challenge remains the same – entertaining the audience despite the fact that our attention span has completely evaporated. I am still not sure about my dancing skills.