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Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline For Defamation


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Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi recently filed a defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez. The actress alleged that the Houseful actress attempted to sabotage her career for her own interests.

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Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi has filed a defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez. She alleged that the actress tried to defame her for sake of her own interests. Lately, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have questioned both the actresses in a Rs 200 crore-money laundering case lodged against conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Jacqueline hit headlines after her private pictures with Sukesh went viral on social media. Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline after latter’s plea before the PMLA court where she submitted that ED was falsely naming her in the case. Jacqueline also had alleged that celebs such as Nora Fatehi who had also received gifts from conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar had been made witnesses.

Nora Fatehi sues Jacqueline Fernandez

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Jacqueline plea adds Nora Fatehi as a witness, Singer dancer countersues for defamation

Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline, after she in her recent appearance on December 12 at the Delhi court, named actress Nora Fatehi, a person of interest in the case. Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline for defamation. Here are the excerpts of the pleas of both Nora and Jacqueline who are currently engaged in a legal fight. Jacqueline Fernandez in August accused ED of bring bias into the Rs 200 crore extortion case involving conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

She added that in the present case, the allegation against her is that she is the “recipient of the gifts” and the statement relied upon the authority also shows that she was coerced, conned, and forced into receiving the gifts. “People other than her who received such gifts are made witnesses in the case.”

Jacqueline plea alleged biased and forced into legal case

Nora Fatehi sued Jacqueline that the actress was trying to sabotage her career. She alleged that the latter was attempting this for personal interests. Here is Nora Fatehi’s counter pleas. The ‘Garmi’ famed actress alleged the following in her plea.

Nora Fatehi
Nora Fatehi

“jacqueline Fernandes sought to criminally defame the complainant in order to destroy her career to further her own interests, since they are both working in the same industry and have similar backgrounds, amongst other reasons.” 

Nora Fatehi alleged defamation against Jacqueline

Nora denied allegations, opened out not having any direct contact with Sukesh

Nora has so far denied all allegations and claimed that she is being dragged into all this without any reason. Furthermore, she denied receiving any gifts from him and she has met him once.

Jacqueline’s lawyer says she would reply to Nora’s defamation suit

Both Nora and Jacqueline had recorded their statement as witness in the case. Earlier, the ED seized Fixed deposits worth Rs 7.2 crore, termed these gifts and properties as proceeds of crime. It had been alleged in the charge sheet that Irani used to choose costly gifts for Fernandez and later used to drop it at her house after the payments were made by Chandrashekhar.

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