Pankaj Tripathi’s Standing Ovation At the IIFA Awards Makes Him Speechless

Pankaj Tripathi at IIFA
Pankaj Tripathi at IIFA

The actor called it one of the most beautiful moments of his life, and said amidst the applause he forgot his speech

Pankaj Tripathi has amazed the audience with his versatile performances over the years. A National School of Drama pass-out, Pankaj has enthralled the audience with impeccable and mind-blowing acting. His role as Gunjan’s father in the biopic Gunjan Saxena made him a darling father across the country. And one thing that separates him from the rest is his down-to-earth an extraordinary actor who has wowed us all with his top-notch acting skills and craft. Although he received nominations for the supporting role, his character in all his movies is at par with the lead actor. During the IIFA awards, Pankaj won the Best Supporting actor for which the audience gave him a standing ovation. Pankaj’s standing ovation made him emotional and expressed his gratitude in one sentence,” Meri Speech AAP sable ne de di hai”, meaning, “Your applause has concluded my acceptance speech.”

Standing ovation makes Pankaj forget his lines

Amidst Overwhelming applause Pankaj Tripathi’s standing ovation got him emotional

At the recently conducted IIFA awards, Pankaj Tripathi bagged the award for the movie Ludo. A standing ovation that even the actor did not expect, made him emotional. Needless to say, Pankaj Tripathi’s standing ovation was a befitting moment for a person who is famous yet so grounded. One can listen to his insightful talks for hours and not get bored.In one of the candid talks, he mentioned the difference between being discussed and being remembered.

Pankaj talks about difference between ‘Charchit’ and ‘Yaadgar’

Pankaj Tripathi’s standing ovation makes him forget to thank his wife and team

Bollywood’s favourite actor Pankaj Tripathi has a massive Fan following. He got a first-hand glimpse when he went on the stage to receive his Best Actor Award for the film Ludo. The raptures of the crowd and roaring applause made him even forget for which movie he received it. Such was the love of the audience that the standing ovation continued for a long time. The actor admitted to having been speechless for he never expected to receive so much love in a foreign land.

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