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Top 5 Astrology Tips That Will Make You A Rockstar At Workplace


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We all work hard to prove ourselves at the workplace but some of us become achieve success and keep getting promoted while others are left frustrated despite their best efforts. Ever wondered why it happens while the efforts have been same?

There is a reason why a lot of people achieve everything that they need to make progress in life – career growth, job security and a lot of opportunities to excel in life. They don’t have to go through the same grind as their peers and success comes to them without much struggle.

1. Apply Kesar Tilak 

Applying Kesar or saffron tilak on your navel and brow is a very effective way. It is accepted to be truly favorable for work. Take small quantity of kesar and mix it with water to make it appear like glue. Add more water if necessary and blend well. You can store it in a container and apply regularly.

2.Prefer east direction

You should try and face east direction while working as it is believed to bring a lot of positive energy to your work. You can also chose to take short breaks while working and sit facing east during those breaks and think about the work and good fortune which is going to come.

3. Feed birds

This is another astrology remedy that can help you get growth in the workplace. In a box, mix all the 7 grains – rice, wheat, jowar, maize, millet, and pulses. Mix them well and feed this food to birds everyday. It is believed that good luck comes to those homes where birds also come to get their food.

4. Worship a deity at your table

You should keep a small idol of any God that you believe in over your work table. Before beginning your work, pray for a smooth and positive day. 

5. Feed Cows

According to astrology, if a person is having obstructions in their professional life, it can be due to the Sun or Saturn affecting the horoscope. To prevent such obstructions, you should feed cows. You can feed them jaggery, chana dal, or boiled rice. 

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