Rebel Wilson reveals the diet that helped her shed 34.9 kgs

Rebecca sheds 34.9kgs
Rebecca sheds 34.9kgs

Wilson sheds Kilos, credits her diet for transformation

Rebel Wilson’s transformation has got everyone talking. Here Rebel Wilson reveals her mantra of weight loss. Although most people would have associated with a rigorous routine, however it is not so. According to the Australian actress, 2020 was a self-proclaimed as ‘year of health’. Since the last two years, Rebel posted her pictures and has claimed to have lost over 77 pounds. One of her fans posted her original picture along with her bikini clad attire. The result is very much visible.

Now that is a transformation

Wilson reveals her weight loss mantra, ‘Year of Health.’

Rebel Wilson started the year 2020 calling it a ‘ Year of Health’. It is clearly obvious that the actress and comedienne has shed many kilos and inches of weight and waist respectively. Also the actress talked about her diet and staying positive. In addition to her diet and work out , she also mentioned fertility issues.

Rebel Wilson admitted that she didn’t enter any rehabilitation or tried any surgical procedures. Instead she chose to stick to a disciplined exercise regime. One of the main components was walking many times a weak. She rates the following factors important for following any wight-loss routine. Rebel Wilson reveals her mantra which include the following 5 elements:

  1. Be fine with your imperfections.
  2. Discipline: A discipline approach is integral towards weight loss. There is no doubt that walking has many benefits and adding to your daily routine adds wonders.
  3. Meditation: Rebel is a strong believer of getting involved in things that bring inner peace.Not only does it make you feel good, but also feels grateful. i
  4. Diet :Rebel’s lunch included just fish with two vegetables. Also she repeated the dinner with some proteins and vegetables for dinner. She also had regular green tea along with veggies for dinner. Earlier she had joined a wellness center where sugar, alcohol and caffeine are banned. Also the individuals are encouraged to skip the dinner and chew the food a minimum of 40 times dinner is frowned upon and guests chew every mouthful 40 times.
  5. Exercise She stuck to her doctor’s advice who told her to stick to just walking for may be an hour .Also she added, that working out in the gym made her exhausted. So she focussed on walking.

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Rebel credits Mayr Method Diet Plan

Rebel Wilson earlier had joined a wellness clinic in Australia . The physicians advised her to walk as much as possible. Also they advised her to walk as per her own flexibility. She attributed the loss of weight on her carefree attitude and diet.