Monday, June 5, 2023

Rishabh-Urvashi Instagram War intensified, Urvashi’s savage reply on Rishabh’s ‘Peecha Chodo Comment’


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War with words started on Twitter after Rishabh posted ‘ Mera Peecha Chod Behen’. Actress too replied with Chotu Bhaiya.

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Model turned actress just knows the ways to be in news. Hardly her Cannes rant on the social media got over, the actress has entrapped herself again. Actress had revealed on the social media that she was involved with the ace wicket keeper batsman. Although the relationship between an actor and a cricketer is not uncommon, yet the media flared it. Urvashi later blamed his falling out on the media. Actress referring to the cricketer on Instagram laid her part of the story. Both Rishabh and Urvashi were reported to be linked with each other. Rishabh-Urvashi Instagram War of Words has given enough fodder for netizens gossip.

War of Words add fuel to fire during Rishabh-Urvashi Instagram War

Before talking further about Rishabh-Urvashi Instagram war, let’s dig in where it all began. During one of the interviews, the actress recalled Rishabh waiting in the lobby for hours to meet her. Cricketer also wrote on his Instagram story,” It’s funny how people lie in interviews just for some meagre popularity and for hitting the headlines. Sad how some people are thirsty for fame and name. May God bless them.” Not many know but the actress also had mentioned that Leonardo DiCaprio praised her acting skills long ago at the Cannes Festival.

Back and forth attack continues as Urvashi-Rishabh Instagram War goes full on

Rishabh Pant in his defense posted captions ,”Mera Picha Chhoro Behen’ and ‘Jhuth Ki Bhi Limit Hoti Hai’ hashtags. Although fans were not clear who it was directed at , but Urvashi’s reply made it so. She took to her Instagram and shared a note and called him Chotu Bhaiya.

Rishabh Urvashi war
Rishabh Urvashi war

So far Rishabh Pant has not retaliated and since then deleted his story also.

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