Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood’s Biggest Sex Symbol

Pathaan and DDLJ Release
Pathaan and DDLJ Release

Bollywood’s Badshaah Shah Rukh Khan started his movie career with the movie Deewana in the year 1992. And even after three decades, his popularity continues to reign supreme.

Looking at his immense popularity, Shah Rukh Khan is nothing less than a king. Even at an age of 57, he still makes many hearts skip a beat. With such an enigmatic aura around him, he is easily India’s biggest sex symbol. His ever-diverse portfolio has made him the darling of the audience. Be his dance moves, or fighting sequences he seemed to have perfected it all. And talking about romance, he is at the pinnacle. There is hardly a face in Bollywood who stands as tall as SRK when it comes to romance. Many artists have used his trademark during award shows and functions. If you are not familiar, here is a glimpse of it.

SRK Trade Move

Pathaan’s Success once again proves Shah Rukh Khan domination

It would not be an understatement to refer Shah Rukh Khan as Bollywood’s king. Success of his movies are a proof of what he means to the audience. In other words King Khan has a PAN India popularity. He has won the admiration of people across the globe. His latest movie’s success is an ample proof of his crowd pulling ability to the theatres. While the fans simply adore him, he too accepts his hunger for fans praises. For instance, in an interview, he expressed his delight of being a star. This is what he said.

Shah Rukh Khan on being a star

Catch up with journey of Shah Rukh Khan from a middle-class boy to people’s heart

He might be the heartthrob of millions around the world, but the journey is full of hard work. Shah Rukh Khan never hailed from a movie family and only had hard work to fall back on. Starting with Fauji, his early 1980s TV roles showcased his natural charisma. However, it took him many years to enter the movies. He was fearless and did not refrain from taking up a villain role in the movie Darr. And the result was obvious. Audience applauded SRK’s performance.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

“I love the amount of people that love me, the crowds that collect, the controversies, the responsibilities I have, the success and even the failure. It’s an exciting life.”

SRK on attention he gets

Shah Rukh Khan’s movie DDLJ still runs in some theatres today

Shah Rukh’s movie Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge is one of the Bollywood’s most successful movies. Movie still remains one of the most popular movies of all times. So much has been the popularity of the movie that it has screened at one Mumbai cinema every day. Additionally, his humility, good looks and humour have cemented his place as India’s heartthrob. Although the star hasn’t acted in any movie for the last year, his three releases Pathaan, Dunki and Jawaan shall all compensate for the same.

“Pathaan”, Khan’s secret agent action thriller comeback after a five-year absence from the silver screen, was the latest of several highly anticipated Bollywood films subject to a boycott campaign. However, Khan’s star power triumphed over his critics, and ticket sales for “Pathaan” smashed India’s opening day box office record. In spite of the criticism “Pathaan” smashed India’s opening day box office record. Khan’s star power has triumphed over his critics, and ticket sales for “Pathaan” smashed India’s opening day box office record.
Khan afterwards was lavish in his praise for fans who made the film a success.

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