Dutch Singer Emma Heesters Mesmerises The Audience By Recreating Indian Songs

Emma Heesters Recreating Indian Songs
Emma Heesters Recreating Indian Songs

Social media has opened up plenty of opportunities for people to get creative and showcase their skills, entertain others and make a massive fan following. Haven’t we seen a lot of people recreating songs from all languages in their own style and earning a name for themselves. The whole TikTok revolution was an outcome of the efforts by such artists.

Riding on the power of social media

There are many people who are making the reels on the song ‘Shrivalli’ and ‘OO Antava OOO Antava’ from the movie ‘Pushpa’. It seems that the trend has now crossed geographical boundaries.

Emma heesters
Emma improvises and that makes her singing unique

A Dutch singer and television personality Emma Heesters is adding her own flavors to Indian songs which has made her a social media celebrity.

Her version of the song ‘Shrivalli’ has already crossed 5 million views while ‘Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava Maava’ is trending with 10 million views and counting. Both covers are winning the hearts millions of audiences across continents.

Emma Heester is a social media celebrity

Earlier also she has become sensational with her biggest hit Bollywood songs sang in English version like ‘ Shona Shona’ with 14 million views, ‘Paani Panni’ with 8 million views, ‘Titliaan’ with 7 million views and ‘Raaataan Lambiyan’ with 3.8 million views. The audience are loving her sweet and melodious voice.

Emma Heester was born on 8 January 1996 in Netherland. She is passionate about music and created a distinct identity for herself by singing Bollywood and English popular cover-up songs on her YouTube channel. She had 5.14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

On September 25, 2020, she uploaded a cover of ‘Tones and l’ Original sing by Dance Monkey, the video has received an amazing response with nearly 1.5 million views.

Dabbling in multiple languages is a key to success

Emma has also sung Punjabi and Marathi songs like ‘Bijli Bijli’ which is one of her most watched songs 9 million views. The Hindi version of the song ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’ has more than 6 million views.

The trend is going viral

Emma is not the only one from a non Asian country singing Indian songs. There are many others like her who are singing Bllywood songs. One such artist is Natalie Di Luccio. She is Italian Canadian Classical singer from Toronto. She also enjoys a massive fan following on social media.

The audience like her cheerful voice. Another singer Tanya Wells is an English singer. She has mastered the art of singing gazals. Her sweet voice never fails to astonish the audience. Her songs like ‘O Re Piya’ have crossed more than 4 million views.

Here’s hoping that many more singers will ride the trend and we will get to see a lot of creativity in this space.