Slapgate Controversies in Bollywood

Slapgate Controversies in Bollywood
Slapgate Controversies in Bollywood

Being home to Good, Bad and the Ugly, slapgate controversies in Bollywood are not new. As a result of Will Smith’s Oscar outburst, Bollywood stormed social media with its views. Although the majority of the stars disapproved of violence as a resort, there were many who gave a nod to Will’s action. The famous dialogue from Salman Khan’s movie ‘Dabangg’, ” Thappad se Darr nahi lagta, pyar se lagta hai’.The dialogue became popular with the teens during those times. However, the same ‘Thappad’ has resulted in a distasteful way by Bollywood Celebrities in the past. Travelling down memory lane, there were moments when Bollywood Celebrities became the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons. From John Abraham to Priyanka Chopra, Govinda to Gauhar Khan, the nightmare of these slapgate controversies in Bollywood came back to life again. Here are 5 Bollywood Celebrities who have lost their cool in the past.

Govinda spat with a Fan

Sharukh Khan and Shrish Kunder

The undisputed ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood exudes a tranquil persona and his charm irrespective of the prevailing ambience. It is thus no surprise that the Bollywood superstar enjoys a huge fan following worldwide. However, there could be situations that can provoke an individual to deviate away from his usual normal behaviour.

Slapgate controversies in Bollywood without the mention of Sharukh-Shrish Kunder’s spat is out of the question. The unfortunate incident occurred during Sanjay Dutt’s party at a famous Bombay Night Club. Sharukh Khan resorted to a fistfight with Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder. Kunder kept stalking Sharukh Khan throughout the party. As a result, Sharukh completely lost his cool, pushed Shirish onto the sofa followed by Sharukh punching the latter with fists and blows.There were contrasting views, but most witnesses said that it was Kunder’s who provoked Sharukh beyond limits.

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Priyanka Chopra and a Fan

Priyanka Chopra also admitted to being the talk of one of Slapgate controversies in Bollywood during the trailer launch of Jai Gangajal. The former Miss World and now a global star revealed that she had slapped a fan while shooting the movie, Anjaana Anjaani. The actress admitted further that she is used to slapping a lot. As she continues, she mentions an incident when a fan held her arms. Because she didn’t like anyone touching her, she grabbed his collar and slapped him. She justified her action by mentioning that she didn’t mind taking pictures; however, she detested anyone touching her.

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been the showstopper of not one or two but many slapgate controversies in Bollywood. Although there have been many actors who had been known for their rage, however, no one came close to Salman Khan. Salman is known in Bollywood as an extremely kind individual having a PAN INDIA appeal. Some of the stars who have been caught in the middle of his anger are Sharukh Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Aishwarya Rai, Anurag Kashyap and even Sharukh Khan.

Sunny Leone and a Reporter

During a Holi party in Gujrat, Sunny Leone is said to have lost her cool. Although refuted by Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber, there were reports that Sunny had slapped a reporter during the party. According to reports, she slapped one of the reporters when he asked her how much she charged for “night programmes”.

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Akshay Kumar and Prakash Jaju

Akshay Kumar is fondly referred to as the ‘Khiladi of Bollywood’. The actor is known for his hard and disciplined regime and wears a pleasant smile almost all the time. He is one actor who prefers to avoid any altercation. However, there were times that led him to controversial moments. Akshay had once slapped Prakash Jaju, Priyanka Chopra’s secretary. The Khiladi star accused Prakash Jaju of spreading unnecessary rumours about him and Priyanka. He had hit Prakash in a hit of anger.

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There were numerous times when slapgate controversies in Bollywood hit the headlines. Actors like John Abraham, Rishi Kapoor and Govinda all had verbal or physical spats with their respected fans.