Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ridiculous 90’s Outfits are back


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This is a compilation of the terrible 90s clothes you used to rock. It includes all the best 90s fashion trends that at the time seemed so cool but in hindsight are hilariously embarrassing. From the grunge look with flannel shirts and combat boots to those hammer pants and Starter jackets, not to mention all the spandex that was around at the time, these ridiculous 90’s outfits are back.

If you lived through the 90s, more than likely you can relate to one of these embarrassing clothing choices. Nothing said the 90s like denim overalls – with one strap unbuckled, of course – along with your super-cool hyper-color shirt all covered up by the most colorful windbreaker you can find. And ladies, don’t forget that fabulous fabric scrunchie that hoisted your hair into a swinging ponytail. Pretty sure if you dressed like this today, you’d get more than a few looks. 

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7 Ridiculous 90’s Outfits

Denim Skirts

It’s important to point out there were many different styles of denim skirts in the ’90s. Some were in the “worst” category — the ones that were so short they barely covered your you-know-what. But the standard denim skirts weren’t so bad, and can still be worn pretty well today.

Bucket Hats

Let’s go right ahead and label this one “worst.” Though we’ll always have a soft spot for those pink, fuzzy Babe hats…

Plaid Skirts

Personally, we like plaid skirts, but only when they’re done right. This look from Mya should probably stay in the ’90s.

Skinny Glasses

Skinny glasses are silly but still cute. We support this trend. And it’s totally back.


Alright, so turtlenecks can work (we’re talking comfy, oversize turtleneck sweaters), but this type of turtleneck look — that’ll be a no.

Lace-Up Pants

We think lace-up pants are something you want to work, on but never will. Let’s keep this trend in the past. 

Tube Tops

Tube tops have made a comeback, which is fine. Mostly. Maybe it’s just us, but they never seem to fit right and give you that weird armpit spillover. We deserve better than that now.

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