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Sonam Kapoor’s Travel HandBag Hit Headlines, Reason May Surprise You


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This time it wasn’t about her dressing style. What caught the attention of the paps was her expensive handbag that Sonam carried. Here are the details

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Sonam might not have made it into the most talented actresses, but she sure knows how to rule the fashion world. Hailed as the Bollywood’s fashionista, Sonam has made a place for herself due to her incredible fashion style. Recently the actress was blessed with a son. Even after delivery, the stylish diva looked as stunning as ever. But this time it was not her dressing style that turned heads. What caught the attention of the paps was Sonam Kapoor’s Travel handbag. It is not only the price, but as always, she hit the bull’s eye once again with how she carried it.

Sonam Kapoor is one of the most stylish actresses in B-town and there is no denying it. Her aura is so high that Paparazzi follow her every time she steps out. Let us know how the details of Sonam Kapoor’s Travel Bag. Her are the details of this standout accessory.

Details of Sonam Kapoor’s Travel Handbag, Brand, Price, Colour and other details

Sonam’s personal fashion are in a league of their own and have set trends in Bollywood. Be her western wear or her ethnic choices, she always has people complimenting her. But this time Sonam Kapoor’s Travel Bag has made the headlines. The accessory is worth 12 lakhs, and the mere price of it has made many gasps in surprise. Sonam flaunted the bag as it complimented
her comfortable black tracksuit along with a beige overcoat. She wore black cap, white sneakers and trendy sunglasses. However, all in all it was Sonam Kapoor’s Travel bag that stole the show.

Sonam Kapoor's Designer Handbag
Sonam Kapoor’s Designer Handbag

Sonam Kapoor’s Travel handbag Details

Although Sonam could not make it big like her father in the acting world, she definitely made it up with her fashion choices. And this time Sonam carried a Hermès Haut À Courroies travel bag. According to sources, the second hand version of the luxury handbag is available for $14,700 on different platforms. It amounts to Rs 12 lakh approximately.

Sonam and husband Anand were blessed with Baby boy

Actress posted a sweet family photo on Instagram and shared the reason she named her son Vayu.

Some Sonam Kapoor’s Stand-Out Avatars

Whether it was International Festival Cannes or any Bollywood night, Sonam Kapoor’s fashion choices have just not failed. Here are some of her iconic appearances.

There is a famous proverb in English that it is better to be ‘ Jack of All, but master of none’. However, even if you are a master of One, it still works wonders. Just like what Sonam has done in the Fashion world. Of course, she has an advantage of being a star’s daughter and has stature, but simply that doesn’t make you reach the top, Isn’t it! What are your thoughts? Do share.

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