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Lucky Ali’s Property Encroachment in Bengaluru leads to dispute


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Popular Singer Lucky Ali has claimed that IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri accompanied with Mafia encroached his Bengaluru based property. However, she the officer has denied the charges.

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Famous singer Lucky Ali, in a series of Tweets on Sunday alleged that Sudhir Reddy (and Madhu Reddy) from the Bangalore Land Mafia encroached a ‘Trust Property’. Lucky Ali’s property encroachment in Bengaluru that the singer claims was led by IAS Officer named Rohini Sindhuri. He requested the Karnataka DG Police to stop the Illegal Activity. His allegations included the misuse of state resources for mere personal gains.

IAS Officer denied Lucky Ali’s Property Encroachment Claims, threatens lawsuit

In his complaint statement Lucky Ali claimed the IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri used powers and state resources for personal gain. Claiming the singer alleged that IAS officer along with the land mafia, forcibly entered his premises. On the other hand, the officer maintained that Lucky Ali’s Property Encroachment had nothing to do with her and she is planning to sue the singer for defamation.

Lucky Ali alleged Rohini Sindhuri

“They are misusing state resources for their personal gain. They are forcibly & illegally come inside my farm and refusing to show the relevant documents,” he said in one of his tweets. He also said he has filed a complaint with the Assistant Commissioner of Police CONCERNED BUT alleged there was no response and he was “getting no help from the local police.”

Lucky Alleges Civil Services Officer

Sindhuri’s Brother-In- Law files claim for Lucky Ali’s property

Brother- In- Law of Sindhuri, Madhusudhan claimed he had the documents to prove his ownership of the land measuring three acres in Bengaluru. While Reddy claims his inheritance from his father and said he had supporting documents. Also, he claimed the documents have been submitted to the police.

Lucky Ali
Lucky Ali

In his FIR filed at Yelahanka New Town police station on November 28, he claimed the property was purchased on April 30, 2012, from Lucky Ali’s brother Mansoor Ali. Reddy also alleged that the singer’s supporters assaulted him and others when they went to visit their property. According to documents shared by Reddy, the injunction was issued in 2016 against Lucky Ali restraining him from “interfering with plaintiff’s possession”.

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