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Seema suggests killing Maheep in a deleted scene


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In one of the deleted scenes from ‘Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives’, Seema, former wife of Sohail argues with Neelam Kothari Soni about their past differences. She also discussed about their troubled marriage.

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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood wives is creating a massive buzz these days. Show stars wives of the Bollywood stars include Seema Sajdeh, Neelam Kothari Soni, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Panday. The release of the web series reveals the ultra-luxurious lives of the ladies. Not only does it showcase the glitz, but also exposes the drama and struggles in the lives of women celebrity wives. There are these women revealing a glimpse of toxic relationship and life drama. Seema Sajdeh, ex-wife of actor and producer Sohail Khan is great with one liners. During the conversation amongst each other, Seema suggests killing Maheep. There are hints of toxic relationship and personal drama.

Seema and Maheep
Seema and Maheep

After Neelam answers her question, Seema suggests killing Maheep

Seema is the most loved character of the show and is known for her witty answers. Other wives include Bhavana Panday and Maheep Kapoor are the respective better halves of Chunky Panday and Sunjay Kapoor. And actress, Neelam Kothari Soni is married to Baghban actor, Samir Soni. Yesterday Netflix dropped a deleted scene on Netflix show. In a scene that is now deleted Neelam and Seema are having conversation. It soon turns into a heated argument. Also Seema accused Neelam to have undergone change post marriage, and had this to say.

“I felt that up until your wedding, everything was fine… In those days we used to have a common friend, and she’d come over to my house and say to me, ‘You weren’t invited?’ I was just a call away.”

Seema on Neelam’s changing after marriage

Neelam answered in her defense that she called Seema as Maheep had said something. And Maheep jokingly said the following.

“Shall we kill Maheep?”

Seema answer Neelam

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood wives

The show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood wives features Maheep Kapoor, Seema, Neelam Kothari Soni, Bhavana Pandey. The show is extremely popular with the public.

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