Friday, June 9, 2023

Rohit Setia’s Revelation, there’s a girl ‘MM’ in Karan’s Life


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After Karan accused Nisha of having extramarital affair with her Rakhi brother Rohit Satia, he opened up on his affair.

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Karan Mehra got arrested after Nisha Rawal accused him of domestic violence and extramarital affairs. Now Karan has reciprocated saying that his ex-wife had extramarital affairs with her Rakhi brother Rohit Setia. .Rohit hails from Lucknow and is married having a seven year old daughter. After Karan accusations, Rohit Setia spoke of his side of the story. Currently Rohit is back in Lucknow after the reports of his wife Nidhi coming to Bombay came into light. Rohit Setia’s revelation of important thing about Karan accuses him of extra marital affair.

Rohit Setia
Rohit Setia

Karan-Nisha’s Marriage Trouble, Rohit Setia’s Revelation

Contrary to Karan’s allegations, Rohit denied everything and counteracted, “If a man is having an affair outside his marriage, would his wife allow him to come home?”. Actress Kashmera Shah is about to turn into character witness in favour of Karan. According to Kashmera , Rohit had claimed that he saw Karan hitting Nisha. However she questioned how could anyone witness if the door is locked. But when counter confirmed, he denied having conversation. Rohit added that Karan is dating a girl ‘MM’ and she is the reason of their divorce. The allegations between both have taken a serious shape after Rohit Setia’s revelation of a girl in Karan’s life.

When Kashmera revealed that cameras were not functioning , Rohit had this answer. He said that Karan had Covid and it was done to maintain ones privacy. Thus, every time if there was a guest in their guest room, CCTV cameras for that room were switched off. Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal got married in 2012 after dating for four years and have a son named Kaavish.

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