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Shark Tank’s Judge Namita Thapar’s Tweet accused Household Help Of Theft


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Famous Show Shark Tank’s judge Namita Thapar shared a Tweet in which she accused her “educated house help” of stealing her phone. In the tweet she has accused the help of hateful message on the social media account.

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Yesterday a post appeared on Namita’s Instagram Stories. Shark Tank’s Judge Namita Thapar’s Tweet accused Household Help of Theft. The story showed the Shark Tank at her home. However, what was startling was the caption that followed. Namita’s son posted the message with a caption claiming that the person on the TV was not her mother. Also, he urged everyone to unfollow her. Soon deleted, Namita’s son Jai and Veeru are expected to have written the caption. However, the story has now been deleted. For the unversed, Namita Thapar accused help of stealing her phone and posting hateful messages on the social media.

Namita Thapar Tweet accuses. household help of stealing

Netizens doubted that Son shared Namita Thapar’s Tweet

Many netizens were taken aback yesterday upon reading Namita Thapar’s Tweet. The tweet accused household help of stealing phone. However, there was a section who believed that it was her son. One of the Reddit user mentioned the following.

“She lost me at the ‘educated househelp’. Dude nobody even asked but she made sure that nobody questions her.” Another wrote, “Hmm…. Most probably her kid is angry that she is not able to spend much with the family post her shark tank fame.” One more claimed, “It is definitely her son. Househelp kisika phone thodi le sakti hain yaar (househelp can’t take anyone’s phone).”

Netizens thought the son has done the mischief.

Also, there were others who doubted the authenticity of Namita Thapar’s Tweet of stealing. Suspecting Namita of lying, they doubted if the household help could actually unlock the phone.

“Even if she took the phone, how did the house help unlock the iPhone.” A comment also read: “And this photo clearly looks like aisehi le liya gya hain masti main by her son and uploaded with such caption on Insta (this pic looks like it was taken just for fun by her son and then uploaded on Instagram).” Another comment read: “See the letters in the story have been capitalised to show Anger!! I don’t think a house maid would be knowing and would deliberately type in CAPS.” A Reddit user also said, “If the househelp was removed how does she got the phone. And if she stole the phone, how did Namita got the phone back to tweet and delete that story? I don’t understand the story at all.”

Netizens doubt claims of Theft

Namita Thapar’s Tweet sounds unbelievable to online users, suspect the Shark of lying

There were many users who raised questions on Namita’s claims. Also, they strongly believed that it was her son who shared the post. However, person tried to explain the whole story and wrote, “She is an extaordinary talent. Kids in teens, revolting. Cant expect one to be a super human at work n equally manage the household. The young gen wants equality in all phases, so this is an evil you gotta deal with.” Rahul Dua is hosting Shark Tank Season 2.

This season features six sharks – Anupam Mittal (founder-CEO of, Aman Gupta (co-founder-CMO of boAt), Namita Thapar (executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Vineeta Singh (co-founder-CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics), Peyush Bansal (founder-CEO of and Amit Jain (co-founder-CEO of CarDekho Group and

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