Angelina Alleged Child Abuse Against Ex-Husband Brad Pitt

Angelina alleges Brad Pitt
Angelina alleges Brad Pitt

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has filed a suit against ex-husband, alleging him of abusing his child. According to her, Brad had pushed Angelina to the wall and tried to choke his own child.

Some serious battle is likely to be on between Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt. Angelina has reportedly filed a countersuit on the allegations of abuse. She alleged that Brad abused her during their travel on a flight in 2016. Brad Pitt also has responded as Angelina alleged child abuse in her petition against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. It seemed like an unending drama and the battle is going on for six years. Currently, the actor is in the news for his link ups with model
Emily Ratajkowski, however, it is said that both are keeping the news as low profile. Eternals actress filed court papers and alleged Brad Pitt of hitting her and children in a drunken state.

Angelina alleges Brad Pitt
Angelina alleges Brad Pitt

Serious accusations against Brad, Angelina alleged child abuse against her Ex

Angelina alleged Child abuse earlier also, and the altercation is supposed to have occurred during the flight from France and United States. Angelina had filed a case alleging that Brad Pitt had tried to terrorize and choke the kids in the flight in a drunken rage. Here is what court papers say.

Angelina Jolie was “grabbed by her head” and Brad Pitt “shook her again before pushing her into the bathroom wall.” Not just that, but ALSO, he allegedly “choked” one of their kids, “poured beer” on Jolie and red wine on the kids.

Angelina Jolie allegations on Brad

Brad Pitt denied as Angelina alleged Child abuse

However, the Fury star denying the allegations denied the accusations. Brad’s representatives released a statement and referred to these as “completely untrue.” Previously, another of Brad’s close source claimed that Angelina continues to “reimagine” an incident that occurred years ago and adds “completely untrue information each time.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had acted in the 2005 movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and fallen for each other.

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