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Google Pixel Fold: Everything we know until now


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Google Pixel Fold Release Date and Rumors

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold
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Foldable devices are a rage with the teens and adults alike. Most of the players in the smartphone category have launched products in the last couple of years. Here are some of the flagship brands along with their respective foldable smart devices. In competition with the following Google Pixel Fold Release is rumored by October this year.

1Galaxy Z Fold3Samsung
2Galaxy Z Flip3Samsung
3Mate X2Huawei
4Razr 5GMotorola
5Galaxy Z Fold 2Samsung

Google Pixel plans to enter the Foldable smartphone segment

While other big names have already made a breakthrough, Google is gearing up for a similar entry. While some suggest that the company shall launch the phone this year, others point towards its cancellation instead. Google was working on the launching its first foldable smartphone called the Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad.

Google Pixel expected to be launched by Q4

Google Pixel Fold Release Date

There is no official announcement of a release date, neither there is any news of its cancellation. Since Google has not made any announcement, all news associated are mere speculations. Rumors about the launch date are circulating in the market. While there were many who expected the phone in 2022 during its I/O developer conference, while others assumed the launch was cancelled. The conference is expected on May 11-12 and Google is planning to launch both Pixel 6a phone and Pixel watch at the same time.

Launch Date Report

There are varying reports on the release date. While Ross Young an industry analyst reported that the company shall start production in Q3’22 and launch in Q4’22. If true, flagship pixel fold launches in October rather than spring. However according to 9to5Google, the phone shall arrive in US earlier. In International markets, the phone will be available by December 2022

Google Pixel Phone Speculations

  1. Pixel Fold may arrive by Q4 2022
  2. Screen Size is expected to be same as Galaxy Z Fold 4
  3. The price of Pixel Fold foldable handset is $1400 (approx. Rs 1,06,899) which is less than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s price
Likely Pixel Fold Features

According to News4Social,an online platform in Hindi and English, the expected launch date is Q4 2022.

Google Pixel Date

Honestly speaking there are just speculations so far. Google itself has not released any official date as of now. So far the company has not even declared its name. People have started calling it Pixel Fold. According to the 9to5reports, it is called the Pixel Notepad, but also mentions it could be subject to change. However, Google released the internal codenames as Passport and Pipit. Although there is no foolproof evidence that Pixel will ever launch a foldable phone. Also, the above names don’t mean anything, but it does hint that Google is working towards launching one in due time.

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