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Strong Brain Power Is Possible With Easy To Follow Astrology Tips


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Everyone wants a strong brain so that they can work with full dedication and energy without losing their focus in life. Success comes only to those who are blessed with a strong brain be it student, employee, employer, entrepreneur, house wife, children etc. There are plenty of ways to strengthen your brain power but some of the most effective ones are those which are prescribed in astrology. Let’s take a look at some time tested astrology tips for a strong brain –

1. Regular chanting of Ganesh Atharwashirsh mantra boosts brain power. You should chant “Gum” or “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah” for 15-20 minutes every day to make your brain stronger and healthier.

2. You can take a regular dose of jaggery and gram to increase the brainpower. You can also bake gram in jaggery. Restrict the amount of jaggery to a few grams only every day so that it doesn’t harm you.

3. You should take spinach, green vegetables and lentil. Do not take too much corn flour. You have to maximum use of choker flour. You should avoid juicy and non-veg food.

4. You can use rosemary and almond oil. You can take bottle gourd. You should wake up during sunrise. You can wear sphatik necklace or keep crystal ball with you.

5. Clove or long gives power to the brain and it help to minimize the oxidative stress. It is a very good source of antioxidants. You should take it along with your lunch every day.

6. Wearing an Ashwagandha root wrapped in a grey thread on Saturday boost brain power.

7. You should donate yogurt in temples every Wednesday.

8. Mediate everyday and while meditating focus on Lord Krishna as a child to calm down your mind. It will boost your brain power and make you stronger mentally.

In addition to this, stay away from negative people and surroundings and keep doing good work that benefit people around you.

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