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Moon Transit in Capricorn And How It Affects Your Personality


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The Moon transit in Capricorn is a time of reflection and a time to look at your life. This is when the Moon moves out of Sagittarius and enters into Capricorn. Moon transit in Capricorn is the time when you reflect on your life, your past, future goals, and any other things that are going on in your life. This is also a time of letting go of things that are no longer serving you, and you can “shed” them in order to move forward.

The Moon enters Capricorn on the 14th of July, till the 16th of July, 2022.

How Does This Transit Affect Us?

This Moon phase can have a profound effect on our thinking patterns, plans and efforts. The moon is the most powerful celestial body and has been influencing our moods and emotions since time immemorial.

The moon’s influence on us is stronger when it transits through one of the earth signs. The Capricorn sign is ruled by Saturn and takes place between December 22nd and January 20th. It is a earth sign that symbolizes structure, discipline, ambition, and determination. When the moon transits in Capricorn it brings out our innermost fears of being alone or not achieving what we set out to do. This might manifest as an increased feeling of insecurity or worry about the future which could lead to depression or anxiety for some people.

What are the positive effects?

Its is a time of stability and patience. It’s a time to take stock of what you have and to plan for the future. It’s a good time to set goals, make plans and start new projects. It is also a good time for introspection and self-improvement.

This moon phase is not just about the past, it’s also about the future. You can use this transit as an opportunity to plan for the future or even make some long-term changes in your life.

This is a good time to find ways to connect with others. You may feel like you are on the outside looking in and it’s difficult to get things done, but this transit can also be an opportunity for self-reflection and deep thinking about what you want your life to look like going forward.

What are the negative effects?

It can lead to a lot of negative effects on our life. It can make us feel insecure, anxious, or depressed. It also brings out the worst in us, making us more cold and distant. It is one of the most challenging phases in the zodiac cycle. It’s a time when we need to tap into our inner strength to get through this period. This moon phase can be a time when you are feeling lonely, isolated, or depressed, with no one to share your feelings.

Conclusion: How to Deal with Negative Effects?

The most important thing is to avoid the tendency to be negative or overly critical.

-Be aware of your own tendencies toward negativity and try to counteract this tendency.

-Get plenty of rest, and avoid overworking or over-thinking.

-Focus on the positives in your life.

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The following are some ways you can deal with this transit:

  • Do not take things personally
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Stay in touch with loved ones
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Recognize that you have done a lot and can’t change things
  • Try to find balance in your life.
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