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Moon Transit In Pisces : 18th July to 20th July, 2022


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Introduction: What is the Moon transit in Pisces?

The Moon transit in Pisces is a time for emotional healing and releasing fear. Pisces is the sign of dreams, fantasy and self-sacrifice. The Moon in Pisces wants to make things better for everyone, but needs to take care of themselves first. We can also use the Moon transit in Pisces as a time to heal old wounds from our past. We might need to go back into our memories and revisit some painful moments that we have been trying to avoid or forget about.

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The Moon in Pisces brings out your most compassionate and sensitive side. Your empathy and understanding are heightened, and you’re able to tap into the collective unconscious and uncover insights that others might not see. You’re more imaginative and creative than usual, but you may also be a little indecisive and a bit of a dreamer

How Does The Moon Transit In Pisces Affect Us?

The moon is the planet of emotions and dreams. It is a symbol of our own unconscious mind and the hidden side of our personality. The moon in Pisces will bring out strong emotions in people, especially those who are sensitive to these energies. These people will feel very emotional and can be easily hurt by others. They are also more sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings, so they can easily be affected by them as well.

What are the positive effects of the Moon Transit in Pisces?

The positive effects of the Moon Transit in Pisces are an increased receptivity to spiritual growth and helping those who need it.

The Moon Transit in Pisces has a positive effect on the following: – Self-expression, intuition and creativity – Love and relationships, as well as romantic love and marriage – Sensitivity to beauty, art and music.

What are the negative effects of the Moon entering Pisces?

Its is a time of emotional confusion and lack of communication. It is not a time for making any major decisions, but instead it is best to take some time to get in touch with your emotions and think about what you really want.

This transit can lead to the feeling that nothing is working out the way you want it too. You may feel like you are walking on eggshells around people or they are walking on eggshells around you. You may find yourself withdrawing from relationships or avoiding talking about your feelings altogether. Conclusion: How to Deal with Negative Effects of Moon transit in Pisces ? The following is a list of things that can help you through the negative effects of Moon transit in Pisces:

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Conclusion: How to Deal with Negative Effects of this Moon phase?

Dreamy, Pisces-Moon nature can make this a difficult phase to be grounded in reality so it’s best to

  • Practice grounding through long walks.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Avoid being over-productive and tap into your creative sensibilities.
  • Work on ideas, plans that need an out of the box approach.
  • Long bubble baths with sea salts are best for Pisces energy.
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