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A Banana Is Not Necessarily Just A Fruit To Eat


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Surprisingly, bananas can be better for your skin than your stomach

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When we talk about evergreen fruits, the name that comes to most people’s tongues is banana. A banana is not necessarily just a fruit to eat. In Ayurveda, the banana is considered a mine of properties for health. It is a prebiotic that delivers essential starch to the body and keeps the stomach full for a long time. Apart from being less sweet, it is also helpful in reducing weight. But very few people know that as much as bananas give benefits to the body internally. Banana very beneficial for the skin. It can be used on the skin in many ways. Here are the benefits of it. Here are the benefits of it.

Equally, it can also be beneficial for the external structure of the body. Many beneficial elements are found inside the banana. which works for the skin in the same way as the sun does for plants. Banana, in itself, is a complete remedy for the skin. It is a set of elements like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium. which are consider very beneficial for the skin. It can used on the skin in many ways.

Bananas Pack

The following 3 catastrophic skin problems that can overcome with the help of bananas

Oily Skin

Due to excessive sweating or the release of oil from the skin, the skin becomes oily, which later causes pimples. At the same time, due to this, you may have many problems related to the skin. To deal with this problem, a face pack made of bananas, cucumbers, and papaya can be helpful.

Acne, scars, and pimples

According to allopathic medical science, the cause of acne is the blockage of the secretion coming out of the sebaceous glands. This secretion keeps coming out of the pores to keep the skin aliphatic. If it stops, it collects under the skin in the form of a pimple and becomes acne when it hardens. A face pack made with Banana, Neem, and Turmeric. Can be very helpful in this kind of situation.

Dry Skin

This problem occurs especially in the winter season when the cold outside air and the warm air inside create a low humidity environment. Due to this, the skin loses its moisture and it starts cracking and flaking. Frequent bathing and washing hands, especially with dry soap, can also be a cause of dry skin. Make a paste with honey and mash the banana. Apply it to your dry skin and wash it after 10 to 15 minutes with lukewarm to cold water.

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