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Suresh Raina’s Retirement Announcement From All Forms of Cricket


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Suresh Raina might not carry the same aura as of Dhoni, Tendulkar or Virat, but he is not less than a legend when it comes to IPL.

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As Suresh Raina hangs his cricket boots, it is the end of a spectacular innings. His performance at the IPL is noteworthy and speaks volumes of his talent. With Suresh Raina’s Retirement announcement, brings down the curtains for an outstanding innings. This would be remembered for a long time. He has many firsts to his cricket career beginning from Twenty 20 career. During the Twenty 20 he became the first Indian player to score 6000 runs as well as 8000 runs. Besides, he became the first ever cricketer to reach 5000 runs. Displaying tremendous fielding skills, he even holds the record for the maximum catches in IPL which is 107. Some of his other records include highest runs in CLT20 with 842 runs, Maximum fifties in CLT20 history, and maximum runs in the powerplay of an IPL match.

Suresh Raina’s Retirement Announcement is a tribute to his T20 prowess

One thing that made Raina stand out was his quick adaptation to T20. While others struggled to adapt, Raina just gelled with the format. While people questioned his Test playing and ODI abilities, but when it came to T20 he appeared to have found his niche. Hands down, he sensed T20 moments better than most batsmen. He continued with the attacking mode from the word go. As he kept writing his success story in T20’s, it led to lessen the pains of the scars of bullying he suffered in earlier years.

Raina’s Cricketing Journey from being bullied to riding in Luxury Cars

Although Raina’s life seems to be comfortable and luxurious, it was not so in the beginning. It is even surprising to know that kids bullied him in his teenage years. Being bullied at the hostel, he quit after a year only to join after two months after his brother intervened. His turmoil with English Speaking, fears of acceptance, fear of Bullying and his determination to support the family is what made Suresh Raina today. What sums up his personality was his knock against Australia during the quarter finals. A thrilling 34 under immense pressure and a partnership with Yuvraj Singh that lifted India from 187 for 5 in 37.3 overs to a victory with two overs to spare. Here’s a glimpse of the chat between Raina and Yuvi in his own words.

“yuvi pa said, ‘sambhal key khelna, out ho gaya toh khatam hai game’ (Careful, if you get out, game over). I told him, don’t worry, I won’t get out. “Yadi main out ho gaya toh, yeh mera last match hoga (This will be my last game if I get out). Yuvi pa bole, “Sirf tera nahi saale, mera bhi last match hoga!” (Just not you, it will be my last game as well!)

Raina on his conversation with Yuvraj during Australia match in World Cup 2011
Yuvraj and Suresh Raina ‘s last over

Suresh Raina’s Personal Life

Raina married his childhood friend Priyanka Chaudhary, an IT professional in a bank in Amsterdam. From being bullied as a teen, Raina has come a long way.

“God has been kind. I have earned respect with my hard work; no can take that away from me. Logon ka kya hai, jitna bhi karo, khush nahi honge (How much ever you do, some people won’t be happy). I just want my parents, my wife to be happy. That’s it.”

Suresh Raina on his Struggles and Success and Purpose of Life

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