Friday, December 8, 2023

Roger Federer’s Farewell Speech breaks fans and netizens down


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Tennis sport icon and a legend Roger Federer bid a tear-jerking farewell. Teaming with his friend and rival Rafael Nadal, they lost to Sock and Trafoe in an exciting match.

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It seems like an end of a sports era with the retirement of Greatest of All Times. Roger Federer. There are only a few players who continue to remain in people’s memories even after they have stopped performing. Roger with his demeanor, personality and sportsmanship has set a benchmark for younger players to follow. Although netizens did expect emotions, but to the degree it happened was overwhelming. Roger Federer’s Farewell speech after his swansong had the audience and the netizens shedding tears. The Swiss was overcome with emotions himself after the last match.

Roger Federer Emotional Farewell Speech

The Blue Team of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal lost to the duo of Team World’s Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. Sock/Frances beat Federer/Nadal 4-6 7-6 11-9 later on Friday night. Like a gentleman he is, Federer shook hands with all the players in his team and Team World. Getting too emotional, he said in a pre-match, that he had not wanted his farewell game to be a ‘funeral’ where everyone is crying. However, when the reality hit, even he could not hold back tears.

“I had so many people cheering me on. My family is here tonight. I had so much fun over the last so many years, my wife has supported. She could have stopped me a long time ago but she did not. She allowed me to play. Without my mum, I would not be here, thank you to her and my dad. It has been incredible, my god.”

Federer thanked his team for the support
Twitter thanked the legend for memories

Netizens outpour their emotions after Roger Federer’s Farewell speech

Fans reacted to Roger Federer’s Farewell Speech and expressed their feelings. It clearly was visible how much people connected to him as an individual, sportsman and a human being. People expressed their emotions and poured their heart out on Twitter. Here are some of the reactions to the Farewell speech.

Federer taping his racket after the match

Federer swansong match turned into an emotional frenzy

As the American pair of Sock and Tiafoe, pantomime beat the Swiss and Spanish duo of Federer and Nadal the crowd said it all. Federer’s shot making and agile footwork has not even lost a bit. Both Federer and Rafael have 42 Grand Slams between them. Without doubt, it was a tough game and at the end everyone shed a tear to one of the Tennis greats.

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